A Few Good Road Trips

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

The iconic road trip is dreamed of by almost every person in the world. Each summer, thousands plan on paving their way across countries with a car loaded with a few possessions and lots of friends. So where are the best places to go on a road trip? Here is a selection based on incredible scenery and perfect driving conditions.

 Seaward highway in Alaska

Take a road trip along the seaward highway in Alaska if incredible scenery and panoramic vistas are your prerogative. There is a great combination of wildlife and spectacular scenery along the way. Amongst the towering fjords, glaciers, waterfalls and mountains there are ample opportunities to see marine wildlife. Stop for chance to

The lack of towns and gas stations along this route do not make it the most practical of road trips if you are unprepared for the journey. Stock up on essentials in advance.

However, there still is a lot to see in this region, there is a Little Harbour town on Resurrection bay In Seward, so start your trip from Anchorage and end in Seward.

The route 204km long, it can be covered within 3 hours, if you rush, but this is not an option if you want to see if you want to see the most accessible sites in this region. Take your time cruising and taking in all the beautiful views it possess because this is not a race.

Almalfi coast in Italy

Of course an Italian road must feature in the best road trips in the world. But after all, the romans roads are still intact today! If the chilliness of Seward highway in Alaska does not suit you, then why not try the pleasant climate of the Almafi coast instead. Why not try travelling through this most picturesque road in Italy; you will most definitely enjoy the towering bluffs, luxuriant gardens, terraced villages, hillsides, green mountains and turquoise waters. It is really a contender for the best road trips in the world because this coast is a UNESCO world heritage site.

This coast runs from Salermo to Sorrento, the Italians know this coast as Coastiera Amalfitana. Stop in the small town of Ravello, which is among the most romantic small towns in this part of the country. Its terraced slopes are decorated with luscious gardens.  The Villa Rufolo and an old cathedral are other must-see sights of Ravello.

Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada

Another one of the most visually spectacular road trips in the world is this North American road trip on the Canadian border. Starting near Calgary and following the icefields parkways, going through the Banff’s heart, along the Lake Louise and finally arriving at Jasper. This trip will give your great opportunities for spotting bear and This would be the ideal place for a hunter to visit. It is also a great trip for keen hikers.

New Zealand South Island

New Zealand is not a very big country, and the South Island is smaller on its own again. This is one of the longer road trips on the list, but it is also the most varied and diverse. The southern coast is rolling hills and waterfalls bordering on beaches where penguins and otters live. Get personal with the wildlife here who is very accustomed to humans passing by. Travel along the western coast to see glaciers and rainforests combined.  The Northern coastline is home to spectacular national parks that have never been disturbed by humans. If you choose to cut across the country, stop in the middle of the Southern Alps at Tekapo for an opportunity to see dazzling stars and raw landscape.

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