8 Best Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas

Texas is home to the most historic sights and wonderful to go to if you want to go off for a little sight-seeing. Cruise along the River Walk, explore the Alamo ‒ the city’s historic missions, and marvel in other breathtaking landmarks in San Antonio. If you want to experience San Antonio’s delectable eats, dine at Pearl District, or enroll yourself in a cooking class. 

If you have more time to explore further from the city center, you’d find out that you’ll never run short of things to do. From golfing, caving, and tapping into your inner cowboy at Bandera, Hill Country. Have a peek at this website https://mysteriousheartland.com best haunted house attraction.

In this post, we’ll walk you through with the things to see and do in San Antonio:

1. The San Antonio River Walk

Lying at the heart of the city is River Walk, where there are several restaurants and stone walkways that line through the San Antonio River, and flowing through the city center. A lot of people go here for a stroll, or just enjoy a lovely meal in one of the beautiful outdoor patios. 

One of the best ways to experience the River Walk is to go on a guided tour or a dinner cruise. These boat tours provide a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and a wonderful opportunity to wind down and relax after a busy day of sightseeing. 

2. Pearl District and Farmers Market

The Pearl district is made up of beautifully restored structures, trendy shops, and since then, it has earned the reputation because of its marvelous cuisine, hip diners, and wonderful dining experiences. 

During weekends, the place is home to the vibrant Farmer’s market, where vendors are selling fresh produce, sauces, baked goods, and several other specialties.

The place is all about the atmosphere and delicious dishes. It’s also home to the Culinary Institute of America campus, one of the three campuses of its kind in the country. It’s signature restaurant, the Latin Gastro Bar, which is found in the area as well. 

3. Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden is a peaceful, and serene spot and is one of the many attractions in San Antonio that are free. It was rock quarry before but was transformed into a zen garden filled with exotic plants, waterfalls, a pond with Koi, and a beautiful stone Pavillon. The walkways are curving through the gardens. 

They also have a restaurant on the site known as the Jingu House, which has both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. 

4. Fiesta San Antonio

This annual fiesta is held every spring, and the celebration usually lasts for about ten days. It features the Battle of Flowers parade, which is a constant in the city, giving it a more vibrant feel. 

Houses, restaurants, and shops are decorated for the event as well. Activities include collecting, wearing and trading metal pins, as well as the search for the Fiesta King and Queen. Winners are usually chosen every year depending on how much they can donate to charity. Afterward, there’s also a “royal” motorcade that runs through the city. 

If you’re going to be here during the spring season, check out the schedule of events in advance especially if you plan on joining a couple of activities.

5. Theme Parks and Zoos

If you’re looking for a more family filled fun, then San Antonio’s variety of theme parks and zoos and perfect for you.

If you have families with children, spend the day at San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, a 35-acre facility and enjoy some good old family fun. 

Alternatively, you can also do a drive-through safari at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, with up to 50 species that roam free in the woods. 

6. Do a Daytrip at Bandera

Just a few hours drive from San Antonio is a small, and lovely town called Bandera, known to locals as the “Cowboy Capital of the World.” The place embraces the cowboy culture, complete with country music, ranches, and rodeos. 

So if you’re looking for some outdoor fun and a little bit of an adventure, then Bandera is the place to be. Activities include horseback riding, rodeo, and music shows, golfing, ranch tours, and more. You can even try living the life of a cowboy by staying over in a guest ranch for the weekend. 

7. The Alamo

The Alamo is one of the most well-known historic sites in the US, and definitely a must-visit if you’re in San Antonio. It is where the Battle of the Alamo took place, one of the most famous battles in American history where a small group ingrained itself in Alamo and fought against the Mexican army. Every single defender was killed, and it was believed that the battle only lasted for a mere 20 minutes. 

Alamo also became the holder of the independence of Texas, with the phrase, “Remember the Alamo!” as the battle cry.

8. Natural Bridge Caverns, the Canopy Challenge and Zip Lines

About a thirty-minute drive from San Antonio, you’d come across the Natural Bridge Caverns, one of the biggest commercial caves there is in the state. These breathtaking caves are known for its unique rock formations and narrow passageways. Cave tours are available in the area and last for about an hour or so. 

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, why not try the Canopy Challenge, where you’d come across a variety of platforms and ladders that rise about 60 feet from the ground. There are ziplines there as well. 

For kid-friendly options, the Sky Tykes is a rope course specifically tailored for toddlers and younger kids. 

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, San Antonio is one of the top tourist destinations in Texas. What we’ve placed here is a rundown of the best things that the city has to offer. 

From locations from the off-the-beaten-path spots, bucket-list friendly locations, and local events in the area. No matter what your budget is, you have plenty of things to do and attractions to go to if you’re going for a trip to San Antonio.