7 Benefits of Using Iron Hydroxide Adsorbents To Remove Arsenic For Safe Drinking Water

Arsenic poisoning is one of the most severe health problems all over the world, according to a WHO, 2011 report. Drinking water supplies containing arsenic cause multiple acute and chronic illnesses in humans. However, water treatment plants can remove arsenic and prepare high-quality drinking water using iron hydroxide adsorbents. Iron Hydroxide Adsorbent is an efficient material to remove arsenic from drinking water.

  1. Removes Arsenic To Level Below Detection Limits

Arsenic is an emerging concern in many countries, while iron hydroxide adsorbent is an effective method to remove arsenic to levels below detection limits during drinking water production. The iron hydroxide adsorbents also help reduce the requirement of carbon dioxide gas, sodium hydroxide solution, and energy.

Efficient iron hydroxide adsorbents help to remove arsenic from aqueous solutions. Although there is no standard level of arsenic in drinking water, the EPA has set a limit of 10 parts per billion (ppb) for arsenic in drinking water. Iron hydroxide adsorbents are essential in arsenic removal from drinking water to levels below this threshold, with efficiency levels reaching more than 99%.

  1. Iron Hydroxide Adsorbents Are Easy and Simple To Use

A significant advantage of using iron hydroxide absorbents is that they are a simple yet effective way to remove arsenic from drinking water. They don’t need complicated systems for preparation or installation. They will require a simple fixing into position, where they will start working immediately to remove arsenic and other contaminants from your water supply. 

Consequently, iron hydroxide absorbents are ideal for those who may not have lots of expertise in handling other kinds of technology. Iron hydroxide adsorbents help remove any traces of arsenic in groundwater through adsorption. Essentially, when contaminated water containing arsenic comes into contact with iron hydroxide adsorbents, it binds with it and absorbs arsenic entirely out of reach.

Since they do their job with no intervention on your part, there will be less chance of something going wrong along the way. Hence, it will take less time for a system utilizing iron-hydroxide absorbents to produce safe drinking water!

  1. Does Not Generate Waste Water or contaminated Sludges

A Fe-Hydroxide is a synthetic absorbent based on iron powder, removing arsenic ions and impurities from water by binding to them. Since it does not generate wastewater streams or contaminated sludges, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative for safe drinking water production.

Since there are no discharges associated with its use, one can apply zero discharge technology in any treatment system that uses iron hydroxide and avoids wastewater discharge back into rivers and reservoirs downstream. 

  1. Applies Selective Removal of Arsenic Without Altering Water Composition

Iron-hydroxide absorbents can selectively remove and bind to arsenic while not altering other minerals or compounds in the solution. Therefore, the iron-hydroxide adsorbent is a promising technology to reduce arsenic during drinking water production, such as at a desalination plant, without compromising the natural taste or color of treated water.

  1. Affordable And Suitable For All Types Of Ground Water

Iron hydroxide adsorbent is affordable and suitable for all types of groundwater, be it hard or soft. The iron hydroxide adsorbent’s cost difference is due to its low manufacturing cost. Iron hydroxide adsorbent is non-hazardous and very safe for usage in different industrial applications

The efficiency levels remain high when removing heavy metals like arsenic, molybdenum, and lead from contaminated drinking water. Also, iron hydroxide adsorbents quickly remove arsenic and other contaminants, making them more economical.

  1. Iron Hydroxide Adsorbents Are Chemically Inert

While other chemical materials can be poisonous, iron hydroxide adsorbent is non-toxic and chemically inert. It doesn’t react with any chemical component inside or outside the human body, so there is no need to worry about your health if you use this water purification system!

One important property that has made iron hydroxide adsorbents useful in industrial applications is their chemical inertness. They do not react with chemicals, making them less susceptible to degradation. Chemical reactions result in a loss of efficiency and an increase in costs. Consequently, they are superior to activated carbon, which has problems dealing with toxic organic compounds due to their porous nature. Iron hydroxides can be reused and regenerated multiple times without losing effectiveness.

  1. The Iron Hydroxide Absorbent Material Is Reusable

The iron hydroxide absorbent is reusable; you can reuse it several times. Hence, it will save money for you in the long run, and also, you will get safer drinking water in every use. Once an ion exchange process has taken place with arsenic, for example, in an iron hydroxide absorbent material and clean drinking water has been produced, all you have to do is exchange it out for a new batch of saturated material. Millions of tons of recycled iron hydroxide material are already in use worldwide.


Safe drinking water is a precious resource. Therefore, drinking water producers must remove dangerous chemicals like arsenic to provide consumers with a safe and high-quality product. Be it water for home consumption or use in the food industry, it’s essential to consider using GEH iron hydroxide absorbents technology to remove arsenic and produce safe drinking water effectively.