6 Best Body Kits For Subaru BRZ And Toyota 86

It’s no secret that both the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ have the ability to be transformed into a truly show-stopping ride.

Our team at AusBody Works prides itself on our ability to assist you to find the ultimate body kit that fits not only your preferred style, but your budget too. If you are contemplating adding a body kit to your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ, read on to discover six different kits available on the market.

Greddy Rocket Bunny Kit (Aero)

Offering an all-encompassing, polished upgrade to your car, the Wide Body Aero Kit with GT wings includes up to nine body kit components. Infamous for their precise fit due to computer rendering, Greddy’s Rocket Bunny Kits are sought after by car enthusiasts all over the world. This high quality (full) kit produced from fibre-reinforced plastic includes the following components:

– front bumper

– front splitter

– grill mesh

– OMP rods

– front over fender set

– side skirts

– rear under diffuser

– rear over fender set, and

– rear ‘duck tail’ wing.

Varis Wide Body Kit 

If you’re chasing an aggressive, weighty look as opposed to the sleek look other kits produce, you should consider the addition of a Varis Wide Body Kit, which will add serious curves to your car. It’s rear ‘duck tail’ wing adds major height, and the combination of all kit components offers a powerful-looking finish, paired with a reasonably high price tag. There are a number of variations of this kit available, including the combinations of:

– rear bumper, rear skirt body and air shroud set; and

– front bumper (including under lip) and wide fender extensions.


Despite offering less of an impact than some of its competitors, the Duraflex body kit for Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ is still one of our favourite kits on offer. Produced from fibreglass-reinforced plastics, the following pieces are included in the Duraflex kit:

– front bumper lip under air dam spoiler

– wide body front fenders

– wide body side splitters

– wide body rear diffuser

– wide body rear fenders, and

– wing trunk lid spoiler (our favourite component).

Duraflex kits are of superb quality without a high price tag and offer a higher degree of flexibility than your average fibreglass kits.

Pandem Wide Body Kit

If you are after a standout kit that gives your ride the ‘wow-factor’, then the Pandem Wide Body Kit should be high on your list of potential kits. Including a high spoiler, this kit fully transforms your vehicle and gives it a sleek aesthetic. Upgrading the total profile of your car, the Pandem Wide Body Kit is the only kit to have fender scoops of all kits in this selection.

Rallbacker Wide Body

Despite offering a more restrained look than other kits on offer, the Rallbacker Body Kit highlights both the lines and curves of your car, offering a sleek overall look. Manufactured from fibre-reinforced plastic, the Rallbacker Wide Body kit includes both front and rear fenders and is a great selection if you are looking for something low-budget.

Chargespeed 4-Piece Body Kit

If you are chasing a classy, subdued transformation for your ride as opposed to an attention-seeking, exaggerated look, the Chargespeed 4-Piece Body Kit is a top choice. With simple lines and a straightforward overall look, we are big fans of the Chargespeed Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ kit. Even better, this kit won’t set you back as far as some of the other kits in this selection and is a great choice if you are just getting started. Made up of four pieces, this kit includes:

– front bumper

– side skirts, and

– rear bumper.

Finished with a smooth gel-coat finish, all pieces are unpainted and pre-drilled, ready for preparation and painting according to your preferred taste.

Transform your car

If you’re having trouble choosing the best body kit for your car, the best thing you can do is reach out to specialist who can help you choose the best fit and quality based on the budget you’ve set. Whether you own a new or old car or want to spend $1000 or $10,000 there is a body kit out there to suit your taste and the style you want for your car.