5 Wonderful Winter Breaks Around the World

Looking for the perfect destination for a winter break? We will round up five of the best choices that you can take into consideration, each with the promise of providing you with an amalgam of activities to enjoy and attractions to explore.


The Telegraph, a leading British newspaper, once named Vietnam as the best country for a dose of winter sun. Its pristine beaches and pleasant weather gave it the reputation for being one of the most revered destinations for winter breaks. For most people, they would head to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, but these cities do not offer the fun you can have on the beaches. As a luxury holiday destination, Vietnam is second to none for sun, sea, and sand, some of the most popular choices include Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, Nah Trang, Mui Ne, and Hoi An. Of course, a cruise along the iconic Halong Bay should also be a part of your itinerary.


For winter breaks in Australia, one of the most popular places that should be visited is The Whitsundays, where it is summer year-round. The most popular activity that can be enjoyed here is to just enjoy the beach or go snorkeling in clear waters. If you are looking for an adrenaline-packed trip, the Margaret River should be on the top of your list. Mt. Wellington, Fraser Island, and Warrumbungle National Park will also be excellent choices.


Mexican beaches are some of the best around the world. One that you should not miss is the fashion-forward Tulum Beach. The old Mayan temple is one of its most famous attractions. Home improvement companies that we interact with in our daily lives, such as AnyWeather Roofing LLC, aspire to create architectural works of art as the Mayans did.  Another beach that you can visit when in Mexico is Playa del Carmen, which is one of the most popular in the Yucatan peninsula.


For winter breaks, a ski trip in France will also prove to be an excellent idea. The mountain ranges of France become blanketed in snow when the temperature in the country begins to drop. The French Alps is one of the most popular destinations for skiing and there is no better place to stay other than in a luxury ski chalet. Other areas that are equally popular include the Pyrenees, Masif Central, and Vosges. More than just taking advantage of the snow season, a winter break in France also offers the perfect opportunity to sample the finest wine and food in different places around the country.


This winter break destination is perfect for people who are looking for places that provide an excellent mix of the old and the new. Its capital city, Bangkok, is teeming in terms of palaces with rich history while also offering limitless selections for cosmopolitan nightlife experiences, including posh rooftop bars. The beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui should not be missed as well. The charming village of Chiang Mai will be perfect for those who are looking for more serene holidays.