5 Ways to Discover New Music

The years when the airwaves predetermined the next big artist thus forcing people to meet bands thru the feature films and Ed Sullivan Show are over. Nowadays, there are several ways in which an individual can discover new music. From polling your associates on what fascinates them or conically evaluating the songs that you would like to get similar sounding singers, today’s music reference services can widen horizons in thrilling new ways. Below are 5 ways for discovering new music.


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This is an internet radio service which generated active stations based on one’s preference. You get things happening by selecting a genre, song or artist to base the station off of. Then, you can skip. Dislike or like the song. Pandora will then take the information regarding your likes and dislikes and then it will try to find songs which match your preferences. Pandora does not base its critics, judgments or subjective opinion. In its place, it analyzes the song in its catalogue for given qualities like mood, instrumentation, tempo and then categorizes it.

Last FM

This is a social hub for music that lets one to listen to streaming music online. In addition, it adds albums, artists and songs to your favorite list. As an individual you can then add other friends to check on what they like. Friends will give you recommendations on what you ought to listen to. With Last FM, an individual can also create a playlist and share it with friends.


You can also discover new music from listening to commercials. Many companies normally like advertising their brands using songs. The commercials that play at every break usually lead people on scavenger hunt. Thus, if you would like to discover the latest song, you can opt to listen to commercials.

YouTube Suggestions

Another way of discovering new music is by looking at the YouTube suggestions. Nowadays, you can get any track of any music you are looking for on YouTube. Videos which are usually displayed at the right of anything that you might be watching tend to have some suggestions. With music, the recommendations are normally going to be from more songs from an original artist or a similar artist. In addition, just like Pandora, YouTube also give you a chance to question their internet. Thus, you can ask about the new music or the latest video release.

Shazam’ing a song you hear playing in a Restaurant, bar or store

You can also discover new music by visiting the bar, store or restaurant. Shazam is really helpful in any scenario that has music you would like to identify. However, unfamiliar songs seem to be unpleasant to the ears especially when having a good time with friends. Stores, bars and restaurants are always playing something, and from there you get discover new music.