5 Tips and Tricks to a Pest-Free Home!

Pest infestation problems are among the worst problems a homeowner can experience, especially if the infestation is a dangerous insect like a termite, one of the many troublesome pests that can wreak havoc with one’s home. However, it is possible to enjoy a home that’s free of insects and other pests, so read on as these five tips and tricks for a pest-free home are aimed at you!


  • Keep Your Home Clean and Dispose of Waste

First and foremost, keep your home clean and dispose of waste properly. This is the best way to keep your home free of cockroaches, ants, rats and other pests that are attracted to food waste. A natural disinfectant should be used regularly in the kitchen and bathroom to keep these areas clean, free of pests and hygienic.

  • Have Your Home Inspected By a Pro

Have a leading Perth pest control expert inspect your home annually or as soon as you notice an infestation of pests that pose a threat, like rats or termites, for example. Before you call a leading pest control company in Harrisburg, VA, make sure you actually have a pest issue, as it’s quite normal to have a few insects in the home, but not termites or larger pests such as rats.

While it’s normal to have a few ants or insects in your home, especially during summer (still find out where they’re entering your home and seal it up), it’s also important to realise that if you’re noticing a few cockroaches, for example, that there are usually a lot more hidden away.

  • Get to Know Your Local Insects and Pests 

Different parts of the country tend to see different insects and other pests, as well as different sized populations of the same pests, so do some research and find out what pests you’re up against at home. When you know what to look out for, you can make more informed pest control decisions.

  • Keep Your Home Dry Throughout the Year

Many insects and pests love the damp as it makes it easier for them to burrow into timber and make nests in which to have little baby pests that will further infest your home, so keep your home dry.

  • Watch Trees and Plants Near Your Home 

Some pests, like termites, thrive on the trees and plants near our homes and use this flora as a means of accessing our homes, making their nests there as they gnaw and chew through the timber. Watch the trees and plants near your home for signs of insect infestation.

A pest-free home is easily achievable and although there may be some hard work involved, the effort is certainly worth the rewards. To keep your home free of pests, keep it clean and dispose of waste in the correct manner, have your home inspected annually by a local pest control expert, know the pests that you need to look out for, keep your home dry throughout the year, and watch those trees and plants near your home, as they’re often home to the worst kind of pests imaginable.