5 Proactive Measures to Avoid Pest Infestations

With utility bills, grocery shopping, and weather proofing to think about, the last thing that homeowners want is to have to deal with an unexpected pest problem. Whether the issue is mice, bed bugs, termites, or ants, they are all uninvited guests and they need to be quickly shown the door. The good news is that this isn’t all that difficult, particularly if you keep a tidy home and routinely inspect it for signs of trouble.

If you do run into problems, look for reliable pest control in Melbourne. There are lots of skilled remediation and repair teams out there that can help you deal with all manner of pests and creepy crawlies. While the prevention is always cheaper than the cure – this why proactive, preventative measures are best – sometimes, you just need a friendly expert to make the problem go away.

Keep reading for some valuable hints and tips on how to keep you home free from pest infestations all year round.


Maintain a Tidy Yard

The termite may just be the single most destructive pest of all, so you really don’t want to make your home appealing to these bugs. They can make their way into properties via debris and detritus piled around the foundations. So, if you have a brick house, you’ll want to ensure that leaves, litter, and other junk never accumulates here. Not only does a neat and tidy yard look nice, it’ll protect your home from invading termites.

Handle Food Waste Safely

One of the most common causes of pest infestations is mishandled food waste. If scraps are left out in the open, for rodents to pick at, they’ll start to look at your home as a warm, comfy prospect. Rodents love a free meal, so don’t make life easy for them. Put all food waste in a sturdy outdoor container, with a lid that cannot be lifted by the wind. You should never leave bin bags sat around next to the bin.

Inspect Second Hand Furniture

While it is quite rare to buy second hand furniture that contains dormant bugs, it is possible. Certain types of mites, woodlice, and bed bugs can live inside wooden fixtures. This is why it is important on closely inspect all recycled pieces. To be extra safe, spray them with a commercial insecticide before you bring them into the house.

Make Spring Cleaning a Priority

The more mess, dirt, and clutter that there is around the home, the easier it will be for pests to hide. Termites, for example, love crawling around inside old newspapers and magazines. Rodents are also found of paper, because they can use it create nests. If you have allergen sensitivities, thick pile carpets can be a real menace, because dust mites and other bugs love to make their home there. So, keep your property clean, tidy, and dust free for a healthy life.

Get the Experts on the Case

You don’t have to be dealing with a current infestation to ask for some help and advice. In fact, one of the most effective ways to keep a home pest free is with regular, scheduled inspects. Get in touch with a reliable pest control company and arrange to have your house scrutinised and treated with preventative measures at least once per year. That way, the chance of a pest problem will fall to almost zero.

Taking the First Step to a Pest Free Home is Easy

There is really nothing complicated about getting in touch with a skilled pest control and removal team. There are plenty of great services around right now, so all you need is the right number and a little bit of free time to discuss your situation. You can arrange an onsite consultation in a matter of days; a specialist team will be dispatched to your home for a fast acting pest removal treatment or a routine inspection.