5 Proven Tips to Guarantee a Lasting Relationship  

Since the dawn of time, people have always longed to grow old with their significant other. A wish so common, it made its way into the lyrics of many love songs. Yet it continues to elude a lot of lovers out there.

How can we maintain our relationships to ensure they last forever and a day? What special things do we need to do differently? It may sound so complicated, but most times it’s as simple as communication. Without further ado, here are 5 proven tips that could solidify your relationship.

  • Practice emotional attunement

Being emotionally attuned is akin to empathy, but on a much deeper harmonious level. When you listen to your partner, take note of their expressions. How happy are they? Do they seem stressed, sad or frustrated? Put yourself in their shoes and try to feel what they feel. It will help you connect with them physically as well as emotionally. When your feelings are thus attuned, you will both attain a deeper level of connection that is hard to break.

  • Eliminate any communication barriers

Unless you are dating out of your culture (and are still learning the language), try to break down other barriers that may interfere with synchronous communication. Barriers such as being self-absorbed, pride, egocentrism, or failure to listen are common reasons people fall out of love. Most times we are guilty of listening just for the sake of replying and not to hear. When we improve our communication patterns, we’ll be able to build a healthy relationship.

  • Take care of yourself

It is no news that once you stop looking after yourself, it’s hard for other people to take you seriously. This is no different for people in a relationship. For example, if your build or figure attracted your partner to you, make effort to maintain the same healthy look. It is true they should love your mind as well, but physical attraction is also important.

Work on your personal hygiene too. Bad breath is a huge turn off and can strain some relationships. According to Dr. Cecilia Lulong of Tiger Smile Dental, “See a dentist if you have halitosis- chronic bad breath.” It could be sign of a medical condition.

  • Check in on your relationship

It is easy to assume everything is fine, but we can’t afford to take things for granted. Pausing now and then to ask yourselves where you are in a relationship, or analyse its status can perform wonders. You can share problems instead of supressing them inside.

Truth is, the more you keep grudges, the more dangerous they can become. One day, you’ll be unable to withhold it and it will come out with a lot of bitterness. Few relationships survive after that, so it is essential to perform periodic check-ups.

  • Build trust

No lasting relationship has ever survived without trust. Trust is the ability to believe your partner is whom they say they are. You can vouch for their activities at any time. It saves you from living in doubt and unnecessary heartache. Knowing you can trust your partner to do what they say is a recipe for lasting relationships.

Building trust comes from being transparent, truthful and honest with each other. Only when a couple has this level of understanding can they trust in themselves.

How is your relationship? Do you have any of these qualities? If not, it’s not too late to begin.