4 Ways to Improve Your Patio

Are you looking for ways to improve the exterior of your home and increase the value of your property? If you existing patio is boring and bland, there are ways to turn it from an eyesore that you never use, into a functional entertainment area that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The additional benefit of increasing the value of your real estate off-sets the cost of the project and increases your quality of life. Here are four inexpensive ways to improve your patio.

#1 Covered Patio

The simplest solution to enhancing your patio is a patio cover. Your choice of patio cover should reflect the environment in which you live.

If you reside in an area that experiences high-velocity winds and strong sun, then your patio cover needs to be built from solid, strong materials that are designed to endure the most intense environmental exposure. If you reside in an area that has pleasant weather and low winds for the majority of the year, then you can turn to a fabric based awning to block out the heat and glare of the sun, keeping you cool during those warm summer afternoons.

Covered patio solutions come in a variety of colors and styles, select the right one to match the theme and style of your home, the last thing you want is to build an eye-sore that devalues the aesthetic value of your property.

#2 Patio Lattice

If you live in an area which does not see much rainfall, then a patio lattice will be a pragmatic patio cover solution. Patio lattices have a sturdy frame that supports a roof made of long wooden beams that have a small gap between them. This structure allows the patio to experience shade at most times of the day, without trapping the rising heat from the patio under a solid roof. The heat dissipates through the gaps in the lattice and keeps the shaded area fresh and cool.

Lattices are traditionally wooden structures. However, this material is not ideal as it requires maintaining the roof with a treatment for the wood every few years. If the wood is left untreated, the wood will rot from exposure and possibly be infested by bugs such as termites.

Today’s modern lattices feature lightweight, high-strength materials such as Alumawood. This material is made from aluminum and has the appearance and texture of wood. Materials such as Alumawood makes the lattice immune to the environmental exposure, creating a structure that will last for years into the future without the need for refurbishment or maintenance.

#3 Louvered Patio Cover

A louvered roof system is also a popular choice for those people that want the best of a lattice roof and a covered solution. The louvered system attaches the lattice beams to a motor or manual leverage system that allows you to open and close the lattice beams as you desire. This solution is perfect for people that live in an environment that requires both an open and closed system for their patio cover.

#4 A Sunroom

An Arizona room is an extended, stable structure that attaches to your home. The sun room space features sliding doors or large windows that allow easy access to the yard while bringing plenty of light into the space.

Also known as screen-rooms or conservatories, sunrooms are ideal for all types of climates; they offer covered protection from harsh winter elements and a breezy room in the home for the summertime. The best part of the sunroom is that it extends the square footage of your home, increasing your property value at a minimal cost.

Use the Arizona room as an entertainment area for your guests and the kids, or turn it into a pool room. These structures are built with a wide variety of materials, from brick columns to simple aluminum frames.

In Closing

These four options offer the easiest, most inexpensive solution to refurbish your patio and extend the living space in your home.

The most important part of your patio renovation is working with reputable contractors that have a solid reputation in the industry for quality artistry and materials. Speak to the industry leaders, Royal Covers and ask their professional consultants about a patio cover that suits your needs.