4 Beach Wedding Gift Ideas

Beach weddings are the new talk amongst younger newlyweds. They allow for so much flexibility in everything in regards to planning your wedding, wedding clothes, food, photographs, and even wedding gifts. If the wedding is going to be at the beach then let’s make sure the freedom of the ocean is in every detail of the wedding..

One thing to take into consideration when going to the beach is how far away the beach is from the newlywed’s home. This must be taken into consideration because every gift they receive will need to be transported from the resort, hotel, or wedding location. Since the wedding is at the beach, get creative with the wedding gift registry. Gifts purchased through the registry are sent to the address the couple has on file; even if you don’t order from the registry, it is bad form to bring the gift to the wedding. Either ship the gift to the couple, or presented in person before or after the event.

The Couple’s Massage

Now every wedding no matter the location, comes with a ton of stress with the planning and logistics of everything under the sun. The whole wedding is designed to make sure everyone involved is going to have a blast, eat and drink as much as possible, listen to great music, and have the perfect weather, yet the guest of honor feel the pressure of both the planning and the big step they are ready to take.

Address that stress with the gift of a massage..This allows for the perfect gift idea to destress and not have to worry about any type of packaging labor or costs. Everyone loves a massage, and the recipients will be very appreciative for a gift like this would be most needed.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are another great gift that does not require any heavy labor or money getting from point A to point B. The beauty of the gift certificate is it can be very specific or can be very flexible in regards to being monetary or a broad dinner certificate for any meal.

Another optimal way of using a gift certificate is obtaining one for a resort the couple will be staying during or after the wedding. A good example is the Princess Bayside, which is an ocean side resort which has many weddings per year, package deals, and dining. It’s beautiful hotel is a great base of operations when visiting the area.

Photographs turned to A Painting

Every wedding has got to be remembered, and taking a lot of photographs is one way to do it. We have all been in weddings or been involved in the wedding party. It seems the photographs just never stop, but couples want to capture one of the most important parts of our lives.

Weddings are not just a great time for the bride and groom but ideally provide a sort of reunion or time for many family members that have not seen each other in many years. One way to keep special memories going is to give the wedding couple a painting of one of your favorite pictures of the wedding. That picture might even include the couple’s dog.

One of the more flexible things about being at a beach is it allows for anyone or the wedding couple to bring man’s best friend. Turning a favorite shot into pet portrait paintings, dog portraits, and animal portraits by artists is a unique gift that is mailed right to the bride and groom’s address.

Jewelry Made from the Beach

Being creative and using some of the sea shells or stones from the actual beach at the wedding, is an inexpensive and creative way to give back to the wedding couple. You can either pay someone to make it for you locally or attempt to do it yourself.

This makes the gift very unique and also something that has meaning and can be cherished. Additionally, it will be made after the wedding so transporting it back home is another worry that is left out of the picture.

Aas wedding season approaches, remember to be considerate of the new couple . By not bringing heavy gifts to the wedding.