10 Luxury Sleep Options on the Market

There are many Luxury Sleep Options out there on the market that will give you sweet dreams

Photo by CC user Lheld1023 on Wikimedia Commons

Sleep is something that most of us don’t really worry about, unless it seems like we’re getting too much or too little. Yet, it can have a profound impact on mental and physical health. Without a consistent amount of high quality sleep, every night, a person can develop all kinds of aliments. In fact, studies have now shown that missing just a single night of sleep can cause the blood pressure to rise for as long as twenty four hours.

So, it is always worth investing in the right products and tools needed for great sleep. Whether it’s a premium mattress, luxurious sheets, or a gentle alarm clock; choose wisely and make your sleep a top priority. Keep reading for more information on some of the luxury sleep options that could help you dream easier.

1. Memory Foam Mattress

The health benefits of memory foam mattresses have been praised for many years. They are great for the lumbar region and they support the shoulders and neck. With a luxury memory foam mattress, like the ones available from Oz Mattress, you’ll sleep like a baby, because your bed will be shaped to fit you.

2. Fitted Sheet Straps

Did you know that you can actually buy little straps that stop fitted under sheets from bunching up and springing back from the corners? This is a problem that most people have to fix multiple times every week, so it is worth considering these nifty devices.

3. Oversized U Shaped Pillow

For people with chronic hip and back pain, it can be really useful to have a soft structure to curl around, rather than writhing in the bed with no support. These big ‘U’ shaped pillows are designed to be twisted and bent, rotated and manipulated, in any way that makes the sleeper feel comfortable.

4. Light Blocking Eye Masks

If you are a light sleeper, a face or eye mask might help you block out distractions and get to sleep earlier. Invest in a high quality light blocking mask for the most effective results. You can even pick up masks that are lightly scented these days, so don’t settle for anything less than total comfort.

5. Mattress Topper

Luxury mattresses can be costly, so while you are saving up to buy one, try experimenting with a premium mattress topper. This is like a mattress ‘lite.’ It is designed to enhance and improve your existing bed. You just place it directly on top of your current mattress and enjoy softer, better sleep.

6. Heated Blankets

Lots of people find it harder to get to sleep in the winter, because they aren’t warm enough in their beds. While you shouldn’t make the sheets too hot – you’ll only end up sweating and cutting off ventilation – an electric heated blanket is a good way to stay toasty during those chillier months.

7. A No Noise Dehumidifier

Sometimes, it is the quality of the air that prevents people from sleeping as well as they should. Fortunately, modern dehumidifiers can be bought with mechanisms that make no noise at all. If you suspect that the air in your bedroom is damper than it should be, try treating it with one of these. You should start to sleep better within days.

8. White Noise Devices

Or, alternatively, you could try a clever white noise producing device. These work by emitting a low level white noise, which prevents the ears and brain from zeroing in on single distractions from outside or inside the home. It can work wonders for some sleepers, so it is likely worth a try if you want to improve your own.

9. Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

The problem with traditional alarm clocks is that they wake us up rather violently. The jarring noise tears sleepers right out of deep sleep, rather than coaxing them back to consciousness. This can actually end up making a person more tired than they should be, so sunrise simulating alarms were invented as a healthier solution. They provide a gradual visual transition from dark to light, so that the brain is tricked into a more natural form of waking.

10. Aroma Diffusers

When it comes to sleep, everybody has their own unique quirks. In some cases, the addition of natural, gentle herbs is enough to lull a person off to the land of nod. If this sounds like you, invest in an aroma diffuser and some deliciously scented herbal oils. Lavender is the classic when it comes to good sleep, but chamomile and peppermint oils are thought to be just as effective too.

Why You Should Make Good Sleep a Top Priority

It is important that you don’t underestimate the power and impact of good sleep. When the body gets enough of it, you’ll feel energised, motivated, and ready for anything. Your brain will work harder and faster and you won’t need to rely on sugar and caffeine for a boost. Plus, your body will thank you too, with low blood pressure, a healthy digestive system, and a noticeable zest for life.