Where Spurs Need to Strengthen This Summer With Bogoljub Karic

We are so excited for the next installment of the English Premier League that Bogoljub Karic and myself have already been focusing on some pre-season predictions and team reviews. More recently we have been speaking at great length about Spurs, the team who threaten the top two of Liverpool and Man City the most, but the team who also have a huge gap to close if they want to be in with a shout of lifting a title. Spurs haven’t bought players since January 2018 and they are in desperate need of fresh blood, and here is where they have to strengthen. 


The biggest challenges for Spurs this summer will be trying to pin down Eriksen and Alderwiereld to new contracts. Both players are entering into the final year of their contracts and they have to do all that they can to avoid selling them and holding on to these two superstars. 

Wing Backs

When Leicester won the league in 2016/17 it was the best chance that Spurs had to lift a title for a very long time. What was key to the success of that side was that Walker and Rose were the two best wing backs in the country. Spurs have sold Walker to City and Rose isn’t the player he once was. With Trippier, Davies, Aurier and Rose not being up to the required standard, Spurs have to invest in high quality wing backs if they want to be serious contenders. 


After losing Moussa Dembele in January Spurs have to bring in a versatile defensive midfielder who can help with the transition from defence to attack. Victor Wanyama doesn’t seem to be the player he was when he signed, and both he and Der are very much defensive midfielders. Spurs look to have nailed the signing of Tungay N’Dombele from Lyon who can fit into that role, they may need to be on the lookout for a youngster who can grow into that role too. 


Players like Son, Alli and Eriksen have pressure on them for places from the likes of Lucas and Lamela, but Harry Kane has no competition behind him for that place, this has to change. The notion that no striker will come to Spurs because of Kane’s ability is nonsense and there are plenty of options out there for Spurs,  especially if they look for a younger goal scorer with something to prove. Fernando Llorente has done what he had to when he’s played but at 35 years old you’d think that his time at Spurs will be up. There is clearly no academy players coming through which is why Spurs have to invest in order to give their talisman some pressure. 

Spurs have to invest this summer if they want to be real contenders, they have been incredible so far given how little they have spent, now it is time to open up the chequebook and take this team to the next level.