What’s Different About the Mazda MX-5 Miata?

The newest Mazda MX 5 Miata is full of surprises, which makes it incredibly fun to drive and also great value to buy. But what exactly can you expect from this latest version of a highly popular car? Take a look at this quick rundown of new Mazda MX 5 features.

Why should the Mazda MX-5 Miata be your next car?

Your Seating Position is Much Lower

You sit down lower in the new Mazda MX 5 than in previous models, which gives it a great racing car feel. This definitely feels like a sports car, which will appeal to Mazda lovers new and old.

The Interior is Roomier

As you would expect in a sports car, the interior remains compact in the new Mazda, but it seems to give you a bit more room than before. Two people in this car should have adequate space to get to their destination in comfort.

Gear Changes are Easier

The gear box on the new Mazda provides for a smoother, more direct gear change which is good news for general driving ability and enjoyment.

There’s Room to Introduce the New Hardtop?

The design of the current soft-top roof looks like it could be adapted to become a retractable hardtop in the future, which is what parts of the market want. A retractable hardtop is a valuable addition to a car which already has a lot of versatility and appeal.

Internal Accessories Have Increased

A number of different pieces of technology have been added to the latest Mazda model, including things like lane-departure warnings and engine stop-start capabilities. There is a tilting steering wheel and also the DVD player has been mounted behind the two seats, in between the seats. Additionally, there are the all-important USB ports that are easily operated from the central portion of the control panel.

What Stays the Same?

There are other popular aspects of this popular car that have undoubtedly stayed the same thanks to their popularity. For example, it is still simple to get mazda mx5 parts which makes this model perfect for mods and customisation. The overall feel of the driving is also the same, which is a benefit since this was one of the biggest attractions of the car in the first place. This remains a highly popular sports car whose price is accessible enough to be within the reach of many “ordinary” people.

Image: Image courtesy of mapichai/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net