What to Look for in IT Support





Author: Clint Boessen

There are many IT Support companies in Perth . Many companies generally go through a few IT Support providers before they find a company which meets expectations – and when they find an IT Support firm which knows their stuff, they don’t move.

When looking for a good Managed Service Provider to handle your businesses IT interests, it is very important to find one you can trust, who will handle your IT affairs and will save you time and money.  You want a company who will not attempt to sell you products that you do not need, optimise your processes and create operational efficiencies.  Most importantly, they must connect and develop relationships with you and your staff.

From my experience, large Managed Service Providers find it difficult to develop and maintain relationships with small/medium business.  Whilst they often assign an account manager, numerous engineers are assigned to support cases.  This makes it difficult for the Managed Service Provider resources to understand the customers’ requirements and proactively recommend solutions which will streamline processes and reduce operational cost.

“Acting as your External IT Manager” is important for many small businesses.  Finding a company which proactively monitors your IT expenditure and creates a roadmap and plan for your companies’ IT infrastructure is very important as it forecasts future project work and costs associated with maintaining your corporate network.

When you’re talking to IT Support companies, things you want to look for include:

  • Passion – the IT market is very competitive.  To be successful and know your stuff, you need to show a strong passion for technology.
  • Experience – ask them about similar support contracts they maintain.
  • Resources – check the qualifications of the resources who will be maintaining/supporting your infrastructure up front.
  • Support Team – you want to be assigned a primary point of contact who will develop a relationship with you and your staff (not an account manager who will farm of support calls to a service desk).

Avantgarde Technologies is an IT Support provider located in Perth, Western Australia.  We are a team of innovative passionate thinkers who provide managed support services to all companies big and small.  To get in contact with us, please call us on 08 9468 7575 or visit our website http://avantgardetechnologies.com.au/