The Various Benefits of a Good Email Archiving Tool

Email archiving is a reasonably new system but it is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many businesses now have an email archiving tools in place so that they can remain compliant with the law. However, the fact that a company is compliant with eDiscovery is just one of its many advantages.

The Advantages of an Email Archiving Tool

  1. All businesses now rely on email to communicate among staff, with clients, and with partners. There has to be a record of these emails because things might be said that shouldn’t be said, or people may deny saying things in the past. Keeping a record of commercial transactions and communication is vital, particularly because a lot of sensitive information is sent through those means as well.
  2. It helps to recover conversations and other forms of data as and when needed. This is done in a highly convenient way, as email archiving solutions allow for easy searches. This means that people no longer have to trawl through their huge inboxes or through their personal storage systems, nor do they have to worry about missing a message that was accidentally deleted.
  3. Email archiving solutions also recognize spam. This means that they could potentially make employees a lot more efficient at their job, because they no longer have to determine whether something is spam or not. Not just that, they can also detect phishing emails. These emails are getting increasingly sophisticated and someone who is not internet-savvy could easily click on one of them and end up having the business network hacked.
  4. It helps to bring costs of data storage down. Data is a very valuable resource and it is important that it is stored properly. While there are different solutions offered by data storage facilities, one of the most cost-effective is to store on the cloud. This means that companies do not have to buy or maintain in-house storage either.
  5. eDiscovery compliance, as previously said, is also very important. Businesses have to be able to retrieve data for legal purposes, or they face hefty fines. Not just that, it could also mean that they lose litigation because they cannot prove their side of the argument if they have been sued.
  6. It optimizes storage, because email archiving solutions can grow with the company. A small to medium sized enterprise usually only needs very small amounts of data storage. Should they suddenly experience a period of significant growth, they can easily upgrade their storage and manage it. Similarly, should they then contract again, they can reduce the storage facility that they need. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of having the storage placed on the cloud.

These are just six of the key benefits of email archiving solutions and there are many more. It is no surprise, therefore, that so many businesses now look into these types of solutions. It is cost effective, very user friendly, and it ensures that they are compliant with legislation. What more could you want?