Vacation Activities for the Music-Obsessed

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Whether you are a professional or budding musician, or simply a massive music fan, you don’t have to leave behind your love of music or practice time when you go on holidays. Here are some ideas that you can put to practice when on vacation to continually improve your musical skills, further improve your music career or simply indulge in your passion.

Enroll in a vocal or instrumental class

There is perhaps no better way to completely immerse oneself in music than by learning how to sing or play an instrument properly. This is best done with the guidance of a professional or experienced teacher. Signing up for classes is a good idea even if you’re on a holiday; after all we often have a lot more free time on holidays than we do during our day to day lives. If you’re holidaying in large cities such as Melbourne, Australia, establishments such as the Sound Lab are ideal for a student of music who is looking to take vocal, guitar, drum or piano lessons.

Go to a live music festival

Due to the popularity of Woodstock of the yesteryears and now, Coachella, Blues Fest, Soundwave and many more, live music festivals have become more and more popular over the years. At present, there’s practically at least one major live music festival every month of the year somewhere in the world. While most of them may not be as big a spectacle as the aforementioned events, there’s still plenty to see, hear, and most importantly be inspired by. Such events usually feature both local talents—which you most probably won’t hear elsewhere—and international artists. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend music festivals or concerts wherever you are in the world. Always remember: new and different tunes never fail to broaden one’s musical horizons.

Attend gigs—or join one!

Gigs allow you to sample the local sound and culture of wherever you’re vacationing. These, often intimate events, really let you absorb a city’s arts and musical identity. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new friends or travel buddies. If you’re super ambitious, you can even join a gig at a local bar/pub/club/event to showcase your musical talents to the locals.

While some people prefer relaxing during their holidays, and getting away from their ever-day activities, there are definitely options for those who want to continue doing what they enjoy, whether it’s music or any other passion.