Best Smartwatches 2019 – Tried and Tested

A Smartwatch today makes it easier for people to keep track of their physical and digital life while serving as a serviceable extension to the smartphone. Depending on the platform, one can traverse through various use cases with the Smartwatch. Luxury watch today is also offering better functionalities than before, and the benefits are obvious.

The smartwatch is now like a mini computer, wrapped around the wrist, offering prompt notifications from the phone, with messages or emails beeping through it. The watch itself can track simple fitness activity, like steps and calories, and even measures sleep patterns when required. Smartwatches are also designed to reduce the need for smartphones on every trivial task too.

There are loads of different smartwatches, ranging from the really cheap ones purchased from China to the likes of the Apples and the more expensive smartwatches. The list of smartwatches are endless and the decision to purchase the best one can be daunting.

Samsung gear s3 classic

Samsung, the worlds most well-known brand and a giant in electronics, cell phones, and gadgets. Setting up shop in 1938 Samsung has grown from a small Korean business to an international giant. Hiring over 350 000 employees worldwide and Samsung launched one of the best android smartwatches in this year event which will always be a powerhouse in cool gadgets.

The Samsung Gear S3 just looks like a regular watch but looking closer you will notice that this beaut holds a lot more surprises. This cool watch is almost like have a cell phone strapped to your wrist. The watch is available in two leather straps. The first one in small and the other one in large, you also can use your own bands if you want.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch is the first to take the Galaxy branding, and its Samsung’s best wearable yet. That means it’s also the most expensive, but it has GPS, NFC and auto exercise tracking for a complete experience.

Third party apps are not Tizen OS’s forte, but the Galaxy Watch nails the basics. It’s best used with a Samsung phone so you get the message and email apps on board, but it works perfectly with other phones, even iPhones.

It’s not as packed with tech or as refined software as the Apple Watch, but for Android users, it’s preferable to Wear OS watches – and this is to Samsung’s credit.

Fitbit Versa

It tracks a range of exercises, monitors heart rate and is at home in the pool. It also has lifestyle features as a standard, including breathing exercises and space to store 300 songs.

An excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts. It’s cheaper than the Fitbit Ionic and almost as competent but relies on your phone’s GPS connection, so you’ll need it on you to track your training. Its smart features are well executed, but limited apps hold it back.

Matrix PowerWatch X

While Matrix calls it a smartwatch, it lacks apps and has a black-and-white screen. It does track your steps and calories burned – and uses body heat to recharge the battery, which sets it apart.

Though using your body heat for power is unique, this is more of an activity tracker than a smartwatch, lacking a voice assistant and popular apps. It is more robust and hard-wearing than other watches, but the tech falls short, with steps often underestimated.