The Traditional Turnover – How to Add a Dash of Uniqueness to Your Mother’s Day Celebrations

Mum is the constant in your life, the definition of unconditional love and, let’s face it, all the best bits about you came from her. As she reminded you each time you forgot to unstack the dishwasher, all she is looking for is a little bit of gratitude.

So, it may be hard to admit, but perhaps the last few Mother’s Days have been fairly… uninspired. So let’s shake it up and show our first love that Mum is still in fact, the word.

A gift to dazzle

Moving away from hand creams and night gowns (yes, she has had enough for a few decades now), instead explore mother’s day gifts that will ignite adventure and laughter. As the number one constant in our lives, it’s easy to slip into a routine with how we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Start thinking deep about what would make her throw back her head in laughter or squeal in disbelief. It’s hard to go past a novelty wine glass, it’s recognising her fun streak and I daresay it will trigger a funny anecdote of her rebellious youth you have seen glimpses of over the years.

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Destination Mum

For those of you with a standing booking at the cafe down the road from mum’s – shame on you! Why not try the Turkish restaurant she says she wants to try every time she passes it? There’s nothing like a new place and an unexpected menu to set the pace of the night, and trying new things together makes these celebrations all the more special.

If you wanted to cook something special for her at home, try a dish she used to love when she was growing up, or try a recipe from one of the chefs she follows religiously. If you really want to blow her away, do away with the clutter on the dining room table and make a digital photo frame the hero of the table. Be sure to include some funny shots from over the years, this will break up the meal and will orientate the conversation to holidays and special events.

Make a day of it

Why stop at a meal?

As most of us don’t live with mum anymore (lord, I miss the perks), a whole day out with mum is probably only afforded on Christmas. Guys, I am talking about a culture hit with Mum. Find an exhibit of something you know she would love, but probably wouldn’t seek out herself.

Catch the bus or walk there if you can, nothing like feeling like a tourist in your own city and she will love the expedition. If there is any live music happening at a nearby bar, debrief and make sense of the exhibit together and have a drink of two. If you really want to immortalize the day, bring the polaroid camera and give her pictures to take home for the fridge or the wallet. I can tell you that this day will be recounted a couple of times in her lunch room, and why shouldn’t she be spoiled to a day of pure leisure and laughter.

We all know that each day we should celebrate mum, but life tends to get in the way. Set a precedent for years to come, and create a unique itinerary for you and Mum that will make the second Sunday in May her favourite day of the year.


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