The Latest Mobile Tech Developments

With smartphones becoming an evermore integral part of daily life for communication, commerce and gaming, there’s been a rush amongst the world’s tech giants to pioneer new features that upgrade the way that we use these handy devices.

Kindle Fire & iPad

One thing that’s really triggered an era of uncertainty in the tech world is Apple’s less than staggering recent iPhone sales results that suggests that smartphone sales may have peaked which is why we’re seeing such an explosion of innovative new products.

In particular it’s the rise of phablets that have sought to create a whole new market for tech-hungry audiences. Flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note have been instrumental in featuring larger displays that cater to mobile browsing and media viewing. And even the New York Times have stated that the Apple iPhone 6s could be a good example of how phablets have overtaken laptops to become the dominant computing device of the future.

But it’s not just our mobile devices that are getting larger, as the wearables market is also showing some impressive growth. Although the Apple Watch still suffers regarding the amount of apps that are available for the compact device, already momentum is building around an upcoming Apple Watch 2 that should answer the shortcomings that many critics have noted.

One of the major concerns about the Apple Watch was the way that it still required the use of a smartphone in order to fully function. And there were also many commentators who stated that the device wasn’t capable of catering to the phenomenal mobile gaming trend that has often been expected to overtake traditional console and PC-based gaming.

Much of this is due to the sheer breadth of mobile gaming options out there. From innovative reinventions of iconic games like Halo: Spartan Strike to even something new from the Mr Smith Casino gaming site that features a groundbreaking Joker Wild Double Up slots game, it’s clear that mobile users are expecting evermore convenient, yet stimulating gaming options.

And one of the biggest changes to mobile gaming tech looks to land in 2016 with the arrival of virtual reality technologies. Although the mobile virtual reality experience is still in its early stages, there’s enough momentum in the tech world regarding this immersive technology to suggest that whether we’re using our mobiles to visit an online store, or even an authentic casino environment, it looks to get a lot more stimulating and engrossing!