Swimming Pools and the Ultimate in Luxury


If you are considering installing a pool in your backyard, you may not be aware of just how many options there are for you. You can choose from a whole plethora of options, from a standard rectangular family pool to a completely luxury pool with hundreds of extra features. You need to consider what your options are therefore, and that includes thinking about space, your budget, your neighborhood, your family’s needs, and so on. One of the ultimate in luxury pools, if you really want to impress the neighbors and you have the space and money, is the river pool.

What Are River Pools?

River pools, as the name suggests, are shaped like rivers. Usually, they are used by businesses, who want to go rafting or tubing, but in a safe way. However, on a smaller scale, they can also go into your garden. It works exactly like a pool, in as such that you can swim in it, but it is narrow in shape and literally wanders through your garden, just as a river wood. Some people will even make it run in a circular motion, and then create an oasis island in the center! You could even, if you wanted to, install some water jets, so that you can create rapids. This means you can actually go rafting or tubing right in your backyard! Plus, you will have full control over the jets, so you can keep it safe for the kids as well. And when you’re done, you can switch the jets off and simply enjoy a relaxing swim.

Don’t confuse a river pool with a swim spa pool, however, although they are quite simple. In a swim spa pool, you essentially have a regular, rectangular pool in which you can do laps, but you can install jets, so that it also becomes a recreational pool as well. Swim spas are not complete until you have installed those jets! Swim spa pools are great because they can offer tremendous health benefits, working to relax your body and essentially fighting stress. You can also use them as a form of resistance training, swimming against the current. This creates a really good workout, while at the same time enabling other people to just relax.

River pools are more unique, however, because of their shape. You won’t see many of them around yet, and you will really be the envy of the neighborhood if you have one in your garden. Yes, they are expensive and they do take up a lot of space. However, the possibilities are really endless in terms of integrating it with the rest of your garden. You could install tall palms and reeds, for instance, around the edges of your pool, so that it really looks like a natural river. And you can truly go all out with how you decorate your oasis island, if you install one, putting up a few palm trees, a hammock, and perhaps even a tiki bar!