Stand out attractions to see in Switzerland

Plan on including Switzerland in your euro trip? The country, while pricey, is filled with stunning sights which make the expense well worth it.

Let’s discuss the top attractions which should make your to do list on your first visit…

1) The Matterhorn

Switzerland is a country defined by the peaks of the Alps, but none have the presence, magnificence, and beauty that the Matterhorn has. Located near the peaceful mountain village of Zermatt, this iconic peak has drawn travellers, climbers, alpine enthusiasts, and dreamers for generations.

While the peak itself cannot be ascended by it, visitors can roll up to its base through the assistance of cable cars. Once there, get a memorable picture from the observation platform, enjoy a bite to eat and a cafe at the on-site restaurant, and soak in the unique energy this part of the world emits.

After an invigorating day spent sightseeing at the Matterhorn and hiking in the area, you’ll likely want to downshift and have a chilled out evening back down at your hotel in Zermatt.

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2) Chillon Castle

This mountain nation is mostly known for its natural attractions, but it has plenty of history and culture laying about. There are castles scattered throughout the cantons of Switzerland, but none are as quite as picturesque as Chillon Castle.

Sitting handsomely on the shores of Lake Geneva, this fortification was home to the Counts of Savoy, and collected tolls from travellers passing by. In excellent shape, you’ll find a bedroom largely preserved from the days of nobility, and plenty of art on the walls which dates from the 14th century.

3) Aletsch Glacier

Want to cool down on your Switzerland travels? Include the Aletsch Glacier in your itinerary. Stretching for 23 kilometres from its source to its toe, it is the longest and largest glacier in Europe.

The fact that is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site makes direct access a challenge, with views only being possible from a moderate distance.

However, the sheer size of this river of ice means you are bound to be wowed when you see this wonder with your own eyes for the first time.

4) Rhine Falls

All that melting glacial ice has to go somewhere – throughout the country, the outflows mean you’ll find numerous spectacular waterfalls. However, none are quite as powerful as the mighty Rhine Falls.

While not as high as other waterfalls around the world, its width and depth ensure a ridiculous amount of water flows through this chute. Visitors can approach by platform and boat, both of which will expose to a great deal of the mist this beast perpetually kicks off.