How Pop Up Stands Allow You to be Ready for an Exhibit, Trade Show, or Conference in Minutes

The ubiquitous exhibition or trade show is a must for any business, especially a business that’s just starting out. You want the right amount of exposure, after all, and what better way to get the exposure you need than by making it a point to attend an exhibition, conference, or trade show?

But attending an exhibition or conference is one thing – being prepared for it is another. If you would like to be fully prepared, you should invest in a quality pop up stand. With this, you don’t have to worry about attending an exhibition ever again; everything can be taken care of literally within minutes.

A pop up stand’s amazing benefits

Pop up exhibition display stands, particularly those from Roller Banners UK, are portable displays which can be easily set up in a manner of minutes. They’re not low quality, either – they are made from only premium materials, which means they’re sturdy, durable, and composed of the highest quality graphics.

Good popup stands will often come complete with a carry case and lights along with graphic panels, and the carry case additionally comes with a wooden top and a graphic wrap so you can easily transform your pop up stand into an attention-grabbing podium where you can extol the virtues of your product or service to your potential customers, to your heart’s content. It’s a complete package for any trade show or exhibition – all in one single case.

Set it up straight out of the case

As already mentioned, a good pop up display stand should be easy to set up in mere minutes. Not only this – when choosing a pop up exhibition display stand, you should look for one which has a cross-bracing system – this means that it can lock automatically and is fully magnetic. With this kind of system, the stand will stay sturdy and immovable and will not topple over.

A professionally-made and designed pop up stand should also come with high quality printing. This means great graphics and text, brilliant colours, and an outstanding design. For best results, the panels should be printed on innovative 360-micron material. Look for a protective laminate which is anti-glare as well, so even with the brightest lights, the text and images on your panels should remain easy to see and read. A trimmed banner is also a sign of professionalism, particularly if it comes with magnetic stripes which allow for convenient clipping to the frame.

You should have a host of sizes from which to choose, which adds variety to your display: the standard 3 x 1 and 3 x 2, and 3 x 3 and 3 x 4. The size of your display also matters, so make sure to choose the right size.

Nowadays, attending an exhibition, trade show, or conference is a breeze – but only with the right pop up stand.