How to Pick the Best Hernia Surgeon

There are several ways of treating a hernia. The best and recommended treatment for a hernia is surgery. Although it is a minor surgery operation, it is advisable that you choose the best hernia surgeon. With hundreds of surgeons claiming to perform surgeries, there is a need to select the right hernia surgeon carefully. Here are tips to help you find the right surgeon for hernia surgery in London.

Previous outcomes

Checking on previous results should be the first thing to check. How many surgeries has the surgeon done? How many were successful? A reliable hernia surgeon ought to have a history of his/her past operations. The surgeon should know how the patients do two or three years after the procedure.

Training and qualifications

Before you undergo this invasive procedure, make sure that the surgeon is well trained. Is the surgeon trained and qualified? Is he/she certified by any specialty board? Several professional boards accredit trained and certified surgeons. These details will help you determine the most qualified surgeon. You can check on these details on the surgeon’s website.


Although there are hundreds of trained and certified surgeons, not all have experience in performing hernia procedures. He/she may have experience in other types of surgeries. However, this is not a guarantee that he/she can perform a hernia surgery. Be specific when you are checking the experience of the surgeons, to guarantee not only a safe operation but also a fast healing process.

Customer service

A hernia procedure starts early. Before the surgery, there are medical tests and preparations involved. A reliable surgeon should take you through the entire process with ease. He/she should be readily available and provide customer support. After the surgery, you also need medical follow-up. Is the surgeon available for such follow-ups? This is the main reason it is advisable that you choose a surgeon in London. A local surgeon will be there in case of an emergency.

Check on the facility

As you check on different hernia surgeons, consider their health facilities. Is the facility approved and recognised? Is the facility within your locality? Is it well-equipped? There are essential surgery and medical equipment items that should be at any reliable surgery facility. Other things you need to check are whether the surgeon has a skilled surgery room staff and the latest technological programs.

The kind of treatment offered

There are different types of hernia treatments. You can share your hernia problem with several hernia surgeons and compare their hernia treatment suggestions. Which surgeon provides a better alternative? The surgeon should give the surgical options, their benefits and risks, so you can choose the best option.

Surgery cost

Finally, hernia repair can be costly depending on its status. However, the price varies depending on the surgeon you choose. As you calculate the cost, ask the surgeon to include expenses related to prior, during and after the surgery. Getting quotes from different qualified and certified surgeons will help you find an affordable hernia surgeon. Hernia surgery is a minor surgical procedure that should be easy and affordable.