Office Design Rules For Success

The design of an office has been proven time and time again by studies to have a huge difference on the productivity and the attitudes of those working inside it. This is exactly why you have to do your research and investment some time in to your office design, because getting it right is of massive importance to the productivity and the efficiency of those working in the space.

Whether you have new office premises or you have realized that it is time to give your office a makeover, here are some design tips to bear in mind, which could even help your staff to work harder and to a higher level.


No matter what particular theme you have decided upon for your office space, one of the big areas which you should be focusing on is minimalism. It has been proven that cluttered offices and work spaces have a negative impact on people who are working there, and that they can easily feel stressed and anxious. In order to achieve this minimalism you need to focus on having plenty of storage space and a well spread out office so that everyone feels as though they have enough space to work, and to breathe.

Bright and Beautiful

Dark colors do not help your staff to feel energetic about their work so you should aim to use bright and cheery colors throughout the office for best results. To further compliment this you need to ensure that you have plenty of natural light coming into the office, and failing that, you’ll need bright lighting which fills the whole space. Not only will this ensure that you are employees stay alert and energetic, it will also make people feel great when they walk in, which is going to help put clients in a better mood as well as members of your own team.


Simply because you are looking to keep the space bright and minimal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some extra touches of color and individual design which represents the office and who the business is. Wall decals are a great way to showcase the colors and the branding of your business, and you can even get custom patches for your office staff to take this branding that bit further.

Go Natural

Another interior design tip which has been proven to greatly increase productivity is the inclusion of nature within the office. This can be easily achieved with some large plants and some carefully placed garden touches. Not only does this help people to feel more relaxed and calm, the positivity of the plants and flowers are also going to improve air quality and  help to reduce illness in the office. Be sure that you place these touches in areas where they can be seen, but not where they can get in the way.

If you focus on these design tips then you can be sure that you’ll have a beautiful office which will get the best out of your staff.