Nanotech And The New Generation Of Medicine


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The world today is much different technologically than it was 100 years ago although we still have similar ailments that affect our bodies. There are some things that technology along with medicine has helped us overcome from not staying awake and going to sleep to staying focused. Staying focused has been one of mankind’s greatest issues for a lot of people, and it has affected being fully productive to reach our true potentials.

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Another main focus on technology and medicine today is that of curing critical diseases and illnesses, and researchers have put us on the right track with nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology in Medicine

When it comes to nanotechnology, they want to use it to manipulate an individual’s molecules and atoms structures through the use of nanoparticles. If you are curious how small this is, there are 25 million nanometers in one inch.

Because nanoparticles are very small, they do not interfere with normal body processes. They do not affect other cells except targeted atoms or molecules that have problematic disease factors.

Researchers want nanotechnology to be an alternative to chemotherapy to treat cancer and tumors. In chemotherapy, this medicine works to suppress the cancer cells. However, chemotherapy cannot perfectly penetrate the target because our body has its own protection system that blocks chemotherapy.

This is because our immune system also works to protect our cells. The problem is that cancer cells act like normal cells. For our immune system, these cells will need protection as well. This is why large amounts of chemotherapy are needed; however, chemotherapy acts like a bomb and while it takes out bad cells, it also kills good cells.

By using nanotechnology, cancerous cells can be directly targeted by nanoparticles resulting in the destruction of the root cause without the negative effects as from chemotherapy.

Is Nanotechnology Safe?

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Nanotechnology is safe, and this is the reason why it’s a better alternative to chemotherapy. In chemotherapy, there is a risk of toxicity and erroneous dosage, and this may decrease the amount of white blood cells in the body which may result in a weak immune system.

What nanotechnology does is penetrate the targeted cells, so they will not linger elsewhere. Nevertheless, excess amounts of nanoparticles will not harm our bodies. Furthermore, nanoparticles can be measured precisely while conventional drugs are likely to be administered more than what is required.

What Are Other Methods Used in Nanotechnology?

The use of nanotechnology is to protect the cancer medicine and deliver it to individual cells, molecules, or atoms. Nanotechnology is not an actual medicine. However, there are other methods in which nanotechnology becomes the treatment itself.

This process is done by deploying nanoshells into cancer and tumor cells. These nanoshells are able to absorb and generate light to create heat. This heat will directly kill cancer and tumor cells the way infrared light destroys cells.


 Although we are in infancy when it comes to nanotechnology and medicine, it’s showing a lot of promise for the future. Nanotechnology may not yet be the ultimate treatment for cancer and tumor, but it’s one of the most effective means so far. With the further development of technology, we will most likely see more advances and improvements in medicine as well.