Muddled Management – 5 Tips For Getting Your Project Back on Track

There is nothing more frustrating than starting a project, but losing motivation or time halfway through and not being able to pick up where you left off. You can’t always find time to sit down and do what you want to do between work, family, friends, but some things are easier fixes than others.

If you run out of equipment or money halfway during your work there are companies out there who will have your back such as Lease Corp machinery financing but if your issue is less about the how and more about the why then here are some tips for getting your project back on track when you feel like it has come to a complete and sudden halt.

Get inspired

To start a project at all something must have inspired you so much that you got the tools you needed, sat down, and went to work. If that inspiration is gone you need to try your hardest to get it back, it’s not always easy, but once it is back it will be a driving force for you to finish what you started. Read books, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts, anything that has relevance with the project you’re working on to try and spark something in your brain again.

Time management

With this being one of the hardest things to get when working on a project it’s no surprise that a lot of them come to a screeching stop due to lack of time. If you truly want to get your project finished then you need to sit down and work out some time management for it. Work out when you have free time and when you would be willing to work, after a while working on it again will feel like second nature.

If you are still struggling with it as a whole, set time goal dates to have certain things done by, this will make it feel less like you’re working on one giant thing and more like you’re working on a bunch of small things that will come together.


When you finally get back down to it, you are really going to need to focus.

You lost focus once, who’s to say it won’t happen again? Try to remove anything that will distract you from the area, such as your phone, soon you will be so stuck in what you’re doing you won’t even think about it.

Make it fun

There is a possibility that maybe you stopped working on your project originally because you got bored. If that is the case, but you still want to finish it, then you need to find different ways to make what you’re working on fun again. Working towards the goals that you set and giving yourself a little reward after each triumph could be a good way to make it fun.

Get inventive

If you got bored of looking at the same old stuff and doing the same old things then perhaps you need to change your project up a bit. Changing things around and making it more interesting or even more challenging could spark you back up again.

Working on your own projects is so rewarding and it feels so good to be able to look at what you have created, but they don’t always get finished. Try your best to keep yourself focussed and inspired so your backyard creation doesn’t become another thrown out failure. If you put in enough time and effort, you’ll create something great that you can be proud of.