Modern Maison – 5 Amazing Technologies for the Modern Home

Modern Home

When the first electric washing machine hit the market, homemakers were in awe. No longer did they have to slave away over a wash rack, or slave over a hot vat of water. Since then, technology for the modern home has grown exponentially. Now, there’s almost nothing you have to do by hand! If you consider yourself to be at the pointy end of technological advancements, and can’t wait to welcome new gadgets into your home, there’s no better place to start than with these:

Updated Home Security Systems

Hundreds of thousands of people have had a security system at some point, but can you honestly say it’s the best your money can buy? Remember, a security system is there to protect your property and identify criminals. Dated systems cannot keep up with the likes of a smart home security system. These next–generation systems use cutting-edge technology to identify people clearly, send alerts to your smartphone, and even monitor movement. They are the epitome of quality and link seamlessly to your other devices with minimal effort. Of all technologies for the modern home, security systems are undoubtedly one of the most crucial/

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

You will be surprised to find out that “fear” of vacuum cleaners is a real thing. Sometimes it relates to the item itself, but other times, it’s the noise. If you want the vacuuming to happen while you or your pets are not home for it to disturb you, then you may like to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner. This new piece of technology allows your floors to remain clean and tidy – without you ever having to lift a finger.

Moisture Detectors

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare – coming home, walking through the front door, and ending up with wet socks. Your home is wet, and your prized possessions are soggy. Flooding from bathrooms is more common than you think, but it can cause significant damage when you’re not home to prevent it or even know it’s happening.

A moisture detector, however, is a monitor that sits in your home and detects when the moisture level in the room or house rises. It then sends an alert to your phone to let you know, so you can take action and prevent severe damage from occurring.

Intelligent Personal Assistants

Touch-of-a-button convenience is something everyone aspires to have, but what if you didn’t even have to lift a finger at all? That’s the reality with an intelligent personal assistant. Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and several other devices take all the effort out of daily tasks. Instead of, for example, hitting several buttons on your alarm clock, you can say “Alexa, set the alarm for five AM” and she will do as you say. Everyone needs an intelligent personal assistant in their life.

Smart Fridges

Have you ever run out of something, vowed to add it to your shopping list, then forgot until you need to use it again? It can be a real inconvenience! If you have a smart refrigerator, however, you can link directly into your online shopping from your appliance and stock up on what you’re running low on immediately. Technology is an incredible thing.

Technology is changing for the better, and the average homeowner has to do less and less to keep their property in order. From mowing lawns to vacuuming, dishes, and even cleaning windows, there’s a product, app, or piece of technology to do it all. Whatever will the masterminds think of next?