Make a Workout Fashion Statement

If you work out regularly, you’re quite aware of how big of a motivator getting in the right gear can be. Perhaps people who don’t work out much will be surprised but choosing the right workout clothes to go burn calories can actually make you more excited to get to the gym. After all, looking your best makes you more confident.

Function is equally as important as form. That is one of the reasons why leggings are so popular in the fitness world. If you go to any gym, nearly all the women, some men as well, will have them on and benefit from the freedom of movement they allow. In the following, you’ll see what other popular workout clothes are en vogue right now; so be sure to check these out first.

Performance Material

Looking for performance material is important due to their moisture-wicking properties. Generally, cotton should be avoided, even if you don’t work out regularly, because it becomes heavy and sticks to your body, taking a long time to dry – if at all. As a runner, this can cause painful chafing. If you do weight training, cotton will make it harder to clean the gym equipment after use. Some performance materials are polyester/cotton combos (with a greater percentage of polyester), lycra, etc.

Cross-Training? Avoid Running Shoes

Although running shoes are great for brisk walking, jogging and running; they’re not so good for cross-training because of the lack of lateral support. Don’t wear shoes that are too big or too small, either, because you’ll need the balance and comfort that well-fitting shoes provide if you’re going to squat or deadlift. These massively calorie-burning workouts will activate every fiber of your lower body and you don’t want wrong shoes to put you off your game.

Similarly, make sure to wear socks that fit well so that you don’t get blisters, or sweat profusely in your shoes. Obviously, you should never wear slippers to the gym. Comfort should be central to your workout gear, so you can focus on the training.

Hydrate Regularly

Many people forget this essential aspect of working out: drink water regularly. Of course, you can opt for Gatorade or any of the assortment of sports drinks. However, experts agree that nothing beats water – you’re not an Olympic athlete, after all, and you won’t likely be at the gym for hours or at the level of intensity to actually need an infusion of electrolytes right then and there. Keep a flask with you that can hold at least four cups of water, and refill if needed. You can get in half your daily requirement of eight glasses of water (ideally) at the gym within two hours or so. Besides, water helps you avoid muscle cramps and dizziness.

If you’re just starting a workout plan, treating yourself to a new fitness gear can be an excellent motivator to support this life-changing decision. Similarly, if you already work out regularly, it can be a way to treat yourself after hitting your goal of losing a certain number of pounds.