Joshua Manocherian – Careers Which Allow You To Travel

There are many people in the World who would love to travel for a living or at least for a large chunk of their year. The one thing that often holds people back from doing this is that they will not be able to finance themselves. For these people there are two options in order to be able to travel, the first is to save up for a large amount of the year and then invest this money on travel. The drawback to this idea is that saving is difficult, getting time off work to travel is even harder and the worst part is that you will have to return from your travel and get back to the daily grind to start saving again.

The second option is to work as you travel and here are some careers which allow people to do so.

Professional Photography

Those who have a special gift for taking awesome photos can travel with ease, taking shots and making money as they go. My friend Joshua Manocherian is a retired professional photographer and during his career he was able to travel extensively whilst making a good living as a photographer. Photographers can sell snaps to magazines, take shots of new and exciting places and put them on a blog where they can make money though affiliates or advertising or even pick up online freelance jobs to earn money as they travel.

Writing Jobs

To be a professional writer these days all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, you do not need to be chained to an office. It is with this freedom that many writers are able to traverse the globe whilst still being able to make a living. The World is full of traveling writers from journalists to bloggers and those who just pick up freelance gigs online in order to be able to travel to their next destination. Anyone who has a gift for witting can find work easily on the internet and be able to freely travel throughout the World.

Bar Work

It may not be the most glamorous way of earning and it may not turn people into millionaires but bar work is the same the World over and it can present thousands with the opportunity to travel the World and meet awesome people. Anyone who knows their way around a bar can arrive in pretty much any city in the World and find a job in no time at all.

Medical Professional

Any highly skilled medical professional can find work in any nation on earth and there are countless opportunities for professionals to make good money and travel at the same time. AS well as positions that will pay, medical professionals can also get involved in volunteering roles throughout some of the World’s poorest areas, giving them an opportunity to help those less fortunate and see more of the World as they do so.