Great Backpacking Tips for the Summer

For many, backpacking across the globe is a right of passage before moving on into adulthood. Quite frankly, there is no better time to experience the world than after university. After all, the term ‘gap’ year is there for a very good reason.


With that in mind however, there are one or two tips to be had while you’re away that will not only keep you safe, but also help save you money.

Here are just a few to consider before you set off.

Invest in security

Although if you plan on touring the world as part as a gang, the chances are that you’ll be perfectly safe, at the same time however, there’s absolutely no shame in investing in a little bit of extra protection.

One of the latest innovations that has recently found its way onto the market for just under $10, is a door alarm wedge.

Working much like a regular door wedge, the alarm sounds at over a hundred decibels if anyone were to try and enter your room; alerting both you, and the intruder to the situation.

Besides this, you can also purchase a money belt stash, which helps you protect your money as you travel.

Working exactly like a regular belt, the money stash has within the inside, a zip in which you can keep your cards and valuables without having to worry about being pick pocketed.

Invest in money saving apps

One of the greatest fears that any backpacker has on the road is the fear of returning home to find a large bill on their doorstep. Due to roaming charges, holidaymakers and backpackers alike can often return home to find bills rising into the hundreds of dollars.

There are however, certain apps, which can help you curtail your charges. Ovano for example, cuts away at the extra data from your streaming by up to 80 per cent; potentially saving you hundreds; even if you are not going abroad.

Another great app is of course the well-known WhatSapp. Letting you message people for free across the world, you are able to send text, pictures and videos totally free of charge. All that you need is a WiFi hub in order to send the message through the internet.

If you don’t quite fancy downloading apps, as many people try not to take too much technology with them on their travels, you can of course purchase pre paid international SIM cards from businesses like SimSmart Pre Paid.

Trust in People

Although some travellers may be a little afraid to approach locals, the truth is that more often than not, they will be more than happy to help you.

Not only because they enjoy doing so, but also because it is good for the local economy for them to provide help and guidance to strangers.

The same goes for hostels. If you are unsure of a particular hostel, don’t be afraid to ask around to get a good idea of what it is like; the chances are that the locals will have a far better idea than any other tourist.