Why Good Posture Is Important To Your Overall Health

We spend the vast majority of our time standing or sitting and during these times the majority of our weight is placed on the spine. This constant pressure causes many of us to develop a slouch or stooped look.

Many people pass this off as inevitable and not worth concern, but the reality is that it does not have to become an eventuality and not maintaining good posture can have some very harmful health issues. On the flip side having good posture brings a wealth of good health benefits.

Having good posture is often the result of being mindful of how you stand and sit and consistently pulling your shoulders up and back. It can also mean getting treatment from a good chiropractor if you have any back issues preventing you from keeping your back straight. But all chiropractors are not great and you need a great one to give you the right type of treatment. If your back issues are not getting better you should be looking for a new chiropractor. One that can get your back to health and help you get good posture.

Following is a list of a few of the most important good health benefits that come from having good posture.

Improved Breathing

Many exercises like Tai Chi and Yoga focus on good posture as a key part of their practice. And they count better breathing as an important benefit one can get from good posture. Having good posture leads to better breathing providing more oxygen to your body and making you healthier.

Optimum Circulation

Poor posture can cause your muscles to become fatigued because of a lack of sufficient blood flow to all parts of your body and even your internal organs. When you sit or stand up straight, blood moves more efficiently through your body and can easily reach your extremities and internal organs. This makes you feel better and adds to your long term good health.

Better Balance

The body is designed for you to stand straight up. The muscles, tendons and skeletal system sends messages to the brain based on your having good posture. When you are not straight the body says that you are unbalanced. This can cause your body to constantly try and fix this condition causing you to feel off-balance and even dizzy in extreme cases.

Pain Prevention

Having good posture can relieve common pain problems. Incidences of pain in the neck, back knees, and ankles can often be traced to bad posture. Correcting bad posture has often been shown to have these types of pains disappear entirely.

Look More Confident

People with good posture look like they are ready for anything. Good posture says lots of confidence and projects a much better image to yourself and others.

Look Slimmer and Taller

People that slouch also tend to push out their stomachs and of course they are not pulling their shoulders back creating their optimum height. When you have good posture and are standing or sitting properly on top of your spine you look taller and slimmer too.

Prevent Osteoarthritis

When there is undo strain on the spine, many negative conditions can develop. One of the most debilitating is osteoarthritis which is a chronic pain condition. That is particularly painful when it is in the spine. This condition can cause constant pain and an inability to walk or even sit up. Good pasture have been shown to be one of the things that can prevent osteoarthritis in the spine and help you to have a healthier back

Good posture has a wealth of positive benefits and should be observed by everyone to maintain good health.