How to Get the Perfect Shave


Photo by CC user Elvis Ripley on Flickr.

Some men find it easy to get a close shave because their beard growth is very fine and therefore easy to cut. However, for men with coarse beards or particularly sensitive skin, or a combination of the two, life is not always so simple. If you have a tough time getting a close, comfortable shave, we invite you to read our short guide and hope that you will find it easier in the future.

Getting the Most from an Electric Shaver

You may decide to use a wet razor at a later date but an electric shaver is probably the simplest option to start with and the one that is least likely to cause you to cut your face to ribbons! If you do not currently own one, you can research them by reading this Startifacts guide to electric shavers.

Preparation – The first mistake that many men make when using an electric shaver is to assume they can skip all of the boring preparation that wet shavers have to deal with on a daily basis. While you will not have to go to quite the same lengths as the average wet shaver, you will benefit from using a quality alcohol-based pre-shave product formulated especially for electric razors. If your skin and stubble is clean and dry, it will be much easier for you to get a close shave without any discomfort.

Taught Skin – Pulling your skin taught as you shave each section of your face will help to make your beard hairs stand on end, allowing a closer shave. While you can get away without doing this, you will find that your 5 o’ clock shadow appears much later in the day if you pull your skin taught to increase the closeness of your shave in the morning.

Starting with Your Neck – Many men naturally start with their cheeks when shaving, whether using an electric razor or a wet razor. However, because an electric razor will become hotter the longer you use it, it is better to start by shaving your most sensitive areas first. The neck, or throat, is undoubtedly the most sensitive area, and the one that causes the most problems, as far as the vast majority of men are concerned.

Cleaning After Every Use – Most electric shavers come with a small brush that you can use to remove stubble from the foil or rotary blades and we highly recommend using this after every shave. If you have a more advanced model that comes with its own cleaning system, you should use this after every shave.

If you prefer the designer stubble look or you are growing a full beard, you will need a beard trimmer rather than an electric shaver. There are a number of different makes and models on the market, at various different price points, and you can read more about beard trimmers here if you are interested in buying one. Whatever you decide to use, we wish you a lifetime of comfortable shaves!