Follow Blogging Best Practices for Promoting Your Blogs Successfully on Social Media

Blogging is a great way of marketing content on social media. Businesses who are working towards building an audience must invest their time and money in blogging. You need to generate top quality content consistently. Moreover, you need to excel in what you are doing. Here are some blogging best practices for social media marketing.

Use an Effective Blogging Tool like Buzzsumo

Content writing is a pretty challenging job as you need to constantly come up with great ideas. It is quite a difficult task. Fortunately, however, there are multiple tools that could assist in generating many good ideas. Buzzsumo is certainly a wonderful place to initiate. Buzzsumo boasts of a free version. It is effective in telling you about all those topics belonging to your niche that has been shared or loved most.

You could see the exact number of shares received by trending topics across the most popular and hot-favorite platforms. You could identify the key influencers and you could set up track mentions and alerts. You could even use some other effective tools such as Google Trends; Answer the Public, and Portent that could help you in generating more and more content.

Do a Thorough Search within Social Media

You must initially search the topics you would be writing about. The social media platforms seem to be the best place for doing so as in the long run; you would be promoting your own business here. You could use proper hashtags to search within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Pinterest.

You would come to know about the latest products and get ideas for producing a superb twist on the topic. The target audience would be attracted to your social media pages depending on the relevance and usefulness of your topics. Write useful, relevant, and evergreen content to increase your blog audience using social media.                                                                                   

Locate Your Audience

You not only need to identify your target audience, you also need to find your audience. In this context, we know that Internet marketing would be delivering its messages through multiple devices. You need to know whether your target audience would be accessing your content by using a mobile device or on the desktop. You need to create content accordingly.

Today there is a growing trend towards generating mobile-friendly content. The content that would be accessed through any mobile device should come with slight changes as the screen size would be relatively smaller and also, people would read the content on the go.

You need to structure your blog posts in such a way that it allows easy readability on mobile devices such as phones, tabs etc. You must use simple words that could be comprehended easily. Your content should be written with multiple breaks to facilitate easy reading. Do not forget to include subheadings and bullet points for people to glance through the post easily and decide if the content is interesting enough to deserve a thorough reading. Podcasts and infographics would also pep up your blog posts.

Be a Part of an Online Community

It pays 20 free spins no deposit to join one of the online communities. It is a good idea to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizons out of sheer necessity. If you wish to succeed you need to stay updated and well-informed at all times regarding the latest developments taking place in your industry or field of work. If you are not aware of the hottest trends, you simply cannot write relevant and productive content.

There are numerous online communities. Find a suitable one that seems relevant to your kind of business. You must generate informative, intuitive, insightful, and medium length articles on social media platforms such as LinkedIn for marketing success.

Specialize & Excel in Your Field

It is important to gain expertise in your field. Write in-depth articles after meticulous research work. Try to specialize in one particular topic. Go on producing informative and well-rounded articles one after another on the same topic. It really pays to write extensively on a particular topic for a while. Generate different interesting articles on the various aspects of the same topic extending over a few weeks or maybe a few months at one go. This way, you could be identified as an authority or an expert on some topic and your blogs will be shared across social networking sites by readers.


If you wish to promote your products via social media platforms, you need to create fruitful blogs following the above-mentioned blogging best practices. Moreover, concentrate on generating evergreen content consistently. Choose topics wisely so that your blog posts remain relevant for a longer period of time. Create a content that seems to be extensive, meticulous, and truly comprehensive.

Author Bio: Shaun Rogers is a digital marketer attached to a top-notch SEM company in New York. He is a specialist in SEO strategies and social media marketing. Needless to mention, he is an avid blogger. In his blog posts, he shares tips and tricks you should be following to effectively increase your blog audience using social media.