FlightHub Asks: Is cruising worth it?

Is cruising worth it?

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0/Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia

There’s nothing quite like traveling abroad: whether it’s excitement you seek, or if you’d rather relax and take in all the sites and history of the country you’re visiting, planning your ultimate vacation is something that needs to be thought of and curated to fit your style and budget. For this reason, FlightHub Review thinks that the next vacation or trip you take should be one where you have ultimate control over your accommodations, food, travel itinerary and the ability to change your travel interests at your own whim. Sounds too good to be true? Not a chance, so FlightHub thinks you should charter your own yacht and see the world your way.

All Aboard (Literally)

For mega cruise liners, the saying of more the merrier may not always ring true. These enormous floating cities typically accommodate more than seven thousand passengers and crew members at a time, eliminating the intimate feeling of a vacation. Unlike overcrowding on a beach, you’re confined to your ship making it difficult for you to move around or even save yourself a seat next to the pool.

For this reason, FlightHub believes that opting for a smaller boat with just the people you want is a better option than being stuck at assigned seats for your dinners every night.

Bigger doesn’t mean better!

In the age of mega ships that pack in thousands upon thousands of people at a time aboard these floating cities, FlightHub believes that these liners have lost touch with what cruising really means. With ship after ship competing for how much “stuff” they can fit on these boats, cruisers are overwhelmed with options while aboard, and they never get a chance to actually see or do anything on the ship.

Though some people enjoy this aspect of their vacation, many do not as they feel it splits their time between seeing the sites at a given port, and having to explore the ship. FlightHub believes that the two combined may prove to be more overwhelming than you’d think.

FlightHub believes that charting your own yacht provides you with a more intimate setting to enjoy yourself in. Though there are no flashy arcades or casinos, nor are there entertainers putting on show after show, FlightHub believes you don’t necessarily need those distractions when you’re with the company of your choosing.

There are more hidden costs aboard a luxury liner than you think

Oftentimes people who cruise believe that they’re getting a better deal than if they booked a vacation at an all-inclusive, and sometimes they’re right. But FlightHub warns that the price you paid for your ticket may not necessarily be the price for everything included on the ship. Excursions, activities and even alcohol are oftentimes excluded from your ticket price and may come as a surprise for cruisers.

In addition, should you find yourself in a dream port, none of the costs associated with the ticket are transferable once you’re on land. This means that regular sightseeing activities are an additional cost passed on to the cruiser, in addition to being on a very strict timeframe.

Though these costs are still there when yachting, they can be spread over the course of a few days, allowing you to explore islands or ports at your leisure, and take advantage of weekly specials that aren’t offered on a strict itinerary of a cruise ship.