Do I need to get my hearing tested?

Do you need to take a hearing test? It can be a tricky question to answer for some people, because hearing isn’t something that the doctor will normally check. Sometimes we refuse to believe that our hearing is worsening, or we never quite realize it. But the reality is that for thousands of people, their hearing diminishes with age. When you get older, you first lose hearing ability in the higher frequencies, which means you can still “hear” most things but not as clearly as before.


The most common cause of hearing loss is a condition known as presbycusis, which is linked to the aging process. However, the age at which this condition can onset depends on many factors, including genetics, your exposure to noisy sounds in your lifetime, and your general health.

When to get your hearing tested?

The initial signs of hearing loss are quite easy to spot, so instead of looking for an article about hearing tests on Age UK Hearing Care, just ask yourself if you often experience any of the issues below. If you recognize two or more of the below symptoms then it’s a good idea to go and get your hearing tested.

  • The feeling that people constantly mumble or don’t speak clearly
  • Often having to ask people to speak up or repeat themselves
  • Difficulty following conversations in busy settings (restaurants, malls, parties, etc.)
  • Difficulty following group conversations
  • Difficulty hearing people on the telephone
  • Others frequently commenting that your television or radio is too loud

All of the above symptoms could indicate that your hearing ability is diminishing. Hearing loss is possible in young adults as well, so don’t just wait till you hit your sixties to get checked. Also, beware that it’s often your family members or close friends who’re the first to realize that someone’s hearing is going bad, rather than the affected person themselves. So if someone close to you genuinely suspects hearing loss, go get yourself checked.

Those who’re already using a hearing aid still need to get their hearing tested regularly. That’s because your hearing ability will change over time, which means your hearing aid must be adjusted to properly address the problem.

After you take a hearing test, a specialist will try to determine if you really are suffering from hearing loss, and how bad the condition is. If the doctor doesn’t find any hearing loss, you won’t require any further help (though you should still check regularly). If hearing loss is present, the specialist will propose a treatment for you, which may include wearing a hearing aid.