The Defence Directory – A Comprehensive Guide to Home Security


Nobody likes to admit their home is vulnerable. However, it’s an unavoidable concern of modern life and society. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; you’ve got things that somebody else might want and, unfortunately, there are people out there who might try to take them. For this reason, home security should be a top priority.

Sadly, the majority of us will experience some kind of personal theft in our lifetime, whether it’s a burgled house or a stolen phone. The good news is these incidents rarely involve confrontation. The likelihood of getting into an altercation with a thief or intruder is actually very slim. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to invest in sturdy locks and a robust alarm system.

This guide to keeping your home and family safe will help you put the right measures in place.

Keep Entry Points Secure

Thieves, particularly burglars, are opportunists. They rarely plan and almost always respond to highly visible vulnerabilities. For instance, you might keep your back door open during the height of summer. Often, it’s necessary for ventilation.

The problem is it only takes minutes for an opportunist to spot the open door, check that you’re occupied in another room, and walk in and take things. With Crimsafe security doors, you can protect the home by installing super tough, breathable mesh panels.

Get an Alarm System

There are all kinds of security products on the market, but few of them can beat the good old home alarm system. It’s not new technology, but studies show that it does work. Loud alarms act as a deterrent to opportunist thieves who very often decide your home isn’t worth the risk.

The downside to an alarm is that it’s a passive device. It makes a lot of noise, but it can’t bar or block entry. One way to enhance its power is to invest in a system with a direct link to the local police department or an independent security firm.

Install Outdoor Lights

It doesn’t cost much to install a simple light fixture above the front door. However, it will help you keep an eye on movement outside after dark. Some thieves target darkened porches and stoops because it gives them plenty of places to hide when trying to force entry.

One outdoor light close to the door is enough to illuminate the space and increase its general safety. After all, you shouldn’t really be fumbling with keys in the dark anyway. Having a light makes trips less likely and gives you peace of mind at night.

Get Friendly with the Neighbours

It’s not all about gadgets and fancy alarms. Sometimes, the most effective deterrent is people. Being familiar and friendly with neighbours is a great idea. It means they’re more likely to watch out for your property when you’re not around.

You may even be able to ask for favours when you go on holiday.

Neighbours can pick up mail, water plants, and open and close curtains so that it’s not obvious nobody is inside. It’s a simple action, but it can make the world of difference to somebody looking for an easy target.

Good Home Security Starts with Street Smarts

Ultimately, the most valuable tool you have is your mind and intuition. Without it, alarm systems and security doors aren’t effective, because there’s no guarantee they’ll be used properly. Don’t leave doors open and unsupervised even just for a few minutes.

Take the extra two minutes to set your alarm system before you leave for work, even if you’re in a rush. Otherwise, it’s a pointless item. Don’t let anybody into your home that you don’t know or don’t trust. This includes salesmen and any technicians who cannot show you some kind of certification.