Crowdsourcing Software Solutions – The “C” of Innovation

Innovation is about two big “C”s – crowdsourcing and change. Thanks to high quality crowdsourcing software solutions, many businesses now have the first C covered. They know how to encourage people to put forward their ideas, and the software system is in place to properly capture these ideas, and filter them by effectiveness. But, unfortunately, the second C is too often forgotten.

Crowdsourcing Software Solutions and the C for Change

One of the key things that businesses should consider using their crowdsourcing software for, is to develop the concept of implementing change, creating a change model, in other words. This usually means:

  1. To recognize that the organization is currently resistant to change.
  2. To make a transition through exploration and experiment.
  3. To build on the fluid, agile, adaptive needs that organizations need today, thereby avoiding future resistance to change.

Practically, change and innovation go hand in hand, and they work in similar manners. They have to planed for, and it means continuous thinking about the impact. Mainly, both innovation and change are continuous processes, rather than projects with a start and an end.

The Different “C”s in Innovation

When you start to delve deeper, you will find that there are many different “C”s in innovation besides change and crowdsourcing. There is the central C, for instance, which includes cascading, communicating, context. Put this together, and you will have the right conditions, climate, and culture. And once that is in place, you can solve the complex and challenging issues.

C is also about consistency. Management must provide clarity, which enables others to contribute through the crowdsourcing software. There should be a culture in which creativity and curiosity is cultivate. After that, the ideas can be converted into systems that build capital and that captivate the customer.

Ultimately, C is about competency, capacity, and capability. This must be delivered through a top down approach, conveying the needs to every level of the organization. This sparks collaboration, cooperation, and curiosity. It encourages people to combine their ideas through the crowdsourcing platform because they feel capable of creating a coherent, calculated result.

Once the C for change has been implemented, it continues throughout. It captures more ideas, crystalizing concepts, commercializing and constructing solutions. This becomes a catalyst for even more change, in which every employee is confident about what they do. It connects the people of an organization, ensuring they know how to clarify and convert their ideas, while convincing their own community of the value of innovation. This continues into becoming critically important to the organization as a whole, who rely more and more on the contributions of their employees, delivering conditions in which everybody is part of the creative team. Ultimately, this gives an organization a competitive advantage.

The C is key to all organization. Change and crowdsourcing go hand in hand, and they lead to a myriad of other key “C”s of importance. Essentially, change and crowdsourcing are like the Vitamin C of an organization, necessary for growth and repair.