Why you should check tire pressure regularly

Photo by CC user CNJ05 on Wikimedia Commons

The tires of your vehicle usually require more attention than the rest of your car. Checking for signs of wear and proper inflation are just a few things that should be checked regularly. The appearance of tire pressure sensors on most new cars has been very helpful but many experts maintain that they are not always 100 percent accurate. Finding out about toronto tire repair before a blowout happens is important and will save you a lot of stress. When new tires are needed you will have to get a tire quote to find the best options. The following are just a few reasons that you should check tire pressure regularly.

Braking Distance

When your tires are properly inflated they actually maintain better contact with the road and help improve the traction of your vehicle. If the tires are not inflated fully, your braking time will be significantly reduced which will substantially increase the possibility of an accident. Generally, you will not be able to tell the tires are not properly inflated by just looking at them. Usually by the time you notice the problem it is much to0 late to do anything about it.

Shock Absorption and Handling

If the tires are overinflated they will make the ride very rough by not absorbing bumps in the road as well as it would with properly inflated tires.The rough ride will also cause your suspension parts to wear much faster than normal resulting in costly repairs. Also overinflated tires undergo a process called crowning, which means the middle of the tire is flatter than the outside of the tire. Crowning can cause drastic changes in your ability to stop in a timely manner, which puts you at risk of an accident.  


By over inflating the tires you can also cause significant tread wear in the middle part of your tires. If you under inflate your tires you cause wear around the sides as well as increasing heat build up which substantially increases wear. Usually a tire that is inflated under 6 psi above or below normal will wear at a rate of 25 percent faster. The lower the tread on your tires become, the harder it will be for you to control the vehicle.

By causing your tires to wear faster you will in turn cost yourself more money by having to replace the tires more frequently. If you have any more questions about the maintenance of your tires you can contact professionals in your area. You can also click here for more information regarding the tires on your vehicle. The price that you pay for new tires will be worth it considering the safety it can give you and your car.