Cheap Ways to Make a Long Distance Move

Making the big decision to make a long distance move can be an exciting time but it is also a time that is often filled with stress and anxiety about everything from the initial move to what the future holds. In order to tackle the move one bit at a time, it is important to get everything organised in advance and this goes for everything from tow truck services to move a car, through to removal services to transport belongings to a new home.

It is important to be able to keep the cost down as much as possible, as moving long distances can quickly get expensive. When it comes to transporting a car to a new location far away, it is often better to get it transported on a tilt tray truck and professional tilt tray towing in Perth and other major cities around the world can be organised online.

Benefits of Car Transportation Services 

There are many benefits to getting a car transported rather than driving it, including the following:

  • It is ideal for a second or third car that doesn’t need to be driven to get everyone to the new place
  • It is the perfect option for show cars or classic cars that rarely go out on the roads
  • It is a good way to keep the mileage down on a new car that isn’t needed to do the journey
  • It will keep the cost down if the car doesn’t have good MPG
  • If the car is old, there is no need to worry about it breaking down

All kinds of vehicles can be transported via a company that offers reputable tow trucks in Perth, London and elsewhere in the world and this is a great way to keep the cost of moving long distances down and it also eliminates the risk of damaging the vehicle during the move.

Reliable Transport 

Sourcing reliable and affordable transportation methods is vital when moving long distances and companies offering reliable Perth towing services can usually be found online with a quick search and it is well worth looking into their reputation before hiring them to see what other customers have to say about their services.

What is a Tilt Tray?

A tilt tray towing service is perfect to use when moving a car from one location to another and they work differently to regular towing trucks that simply tow a vehicle behind them, as they use hydraulics to tilt the rear tray into a horizontal position when the vehicle is being lifted. Tilt tray truck hire from Perth’s Executive Towing Services can be organised online and it is vital to pre-book services like this in advance.

Organising a house move to a new location far away is never easy but there are lots of things that can be done to make the process run as smoothly as possible and organising and planning everything in advance is always the best plan of action.

Packing up your car and doing it yourself!

Of course, the most economical way to move (albeit probably the most annoying) is doing it yourself. Plan how you you’re going to pack your car before doing it so you can maximize space. Also, make sure to see that you have a quality battery before from somewhere like Hardwarexpress so you don’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with your car packed with all your worldly possessions.