Car Tips for College Bound Students

It’s such an exciting time heading out into the world for your freshman year in college. Many students purchase their first car while still in high school, perhaps they family buys them a car, or they wait till the time comes to head off to campus.

This is a great time to review some transportation basics. If you’re in that situation of buying your first car, some tips will be provided on how to best get through this at times – stressful endeavor.

Then we’ll discuss how to keep it looking it’s best once the car is in your possession. You would be surprised on how many people “assume” that the best way to keep their automobile clean can be harmful to its exterior.

This article contains Car Tips for College Bound Students so you can focus on your studies instead of car trouble

Purchasing a Used Car

Let’s face it, as college students we are not rolling in excess cashflow. Strapped by college tuition and getting by with jobs in retail and restaurants, we tend to do our grocery shopping in the microwaveable goods section.

Shopping for a used car can be frustrating. Car sales professionals have a reputation for being pushy. Each of us has either experienced this or know someone who has. However, not all of them fall into this category.

Following some simple guidelines will relieve any stress you may experience:

– First, determine how you will finance your used automobile purchase

– Ensure that the used car that you are interested in buying is worth its selling price. A host of helpful sites are available to assist any automobile shopper, such as the National Automobile Dealers Association

– Check the history of the vehicle. This can be done by taking the vehicle identification number (VIN) and running it through Carfax to see if it has been in a bad accident or flood

If everything to this point checks out, you are probably ready to sign the paperwork and drive away. This can be a mistake that can cost you dearly down the road. How to best avoid this pitfall requires some additional help and extra effort on your part.

By finding an independent mechanic or a repair shop, to look over the vehicle before you make the purchase can ensure all systems are go. According to Kensington Auto Repair, a locally owned and operated auto service shop that employs ASE master technicians is your safest choice for automobile repair and service issues.

Keep That Vehicle Looking It’s Best

Stop and think about those automatic car washes. The gigantic brushes roll over vehicle after vehicle. It makes sense that scratches would occur, does it not? How about the sign that is regularly posted stating that the car wash will not be held responsible for any damage that might occur? Most commonly, windshield wipers tend to get damaged by these large brushes.

Timothy Dahl, a DIY editor with Popular Mechanics, offers 9 helpful steps to cleaning your car without the hassle of those automatic car washes. They are summarized here:

– Evaluate the overall condition of the vehicle’s exterior

– Ensure the cleaning products are safe to use on your vehicle

– When washing your car, only use soap intended for car washing, not dish cleaner or liquid detergent

– Once washed, check for contaminants, scratches, oxidation, and swirls. These can be removed by various methods

– An optional step is to apply polish before waxing

– Wax to protect the finish from UV rays and any contaminants that land on your vehicle’s body

– Keep a spray detailer and a microfiber cloth in your car

– If your vehicle has a window tint, stay away from household glass cleaners as they typically contain ammonia which can damage the tint

– Keeping the wheels clean is tricky, care must be taken to ensure the cleaning liquid is safe for your wheel type