Best Winter Holiday Destinations for Christmas

Northern Lights Photo Credits: Creative Commons

If you live in a country where the sun cannot be seen for months you may like to celebrate your Christmas somewhere a bit more tropical, so take advantage of one of the best winter holiday destinations for Christmas, presented below.  The beautiful beaches of exotic islands provide a fantastic escape from the cold wet weather. Forget about the gale force winds, sleet and snow: the heat and sunlight wait for you! Or if you want a traditional white Christmas away from you beachside home, there are plenty of picturesque retreats waiting.

Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Sea tropical islands are among the best choice for your winter destination. They are beautiful and attractive all year round and stay wam in winter.  There are hundreds of tropical islands in this region that not without reason are called paradise. Enjoy boats, yachts and coconut and banana trees. Visit exotic Cuba and learn more about local customs and traditions, or take a trip to the Bahamas, Mexico and Bermuda if you like, as they are very close to the Caribbean islands. The Caribbean Sea remains warm all year, perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

Indian Ocean Islands

Indian Ocean islands are another place to go during the cold winter days, providing tourists with excellent options to enjoy all kinds of water sports and sun. The largest of them is Madagascar. Although there are some that are located near the continents, others can be found hundreds mile away from any land which make them difficult to travel too. Instead opt for a resort in India along the coast, but you may forget about Christmas altogether.

East Mediterranean

Obviously, there are many other attractive options, like East Mediterranean. The region is unspoiled from mass tourism places so you will find almost empty beaches with golden sand. These are up and coming tourist spots, making them cheap destinations. Europeans celebrate Christmas, so this is a great spot for someone wanting to keep the religios aspects of the holiday. Visit the island of Cyprus in the Mediteranean for breath-taking vistas and explore the wonderful architecture of the island dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

Obviously, there are many tourists who live in tropical parts of the world, who on the other hand would like to visit some cold winter holiday destinations. If you are one of them, just take a look at the options provided below:

Northern lights

Northern lights are definitely something that is worth a visit. To see them, you should choose one of the following three countries: Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Watching the Aurora dance is one time experience! Lapland in Finland is a popular choice, especially for families as it is home to Santa Clause. Take a romantic and peaceful winter getaway in Finland. It has many things to offer to the newcomers, such as luxury accommodation, all sorts of snow outdoor activities, farms, national parks, etc. Both sport and nature lovers will find great opportunities to spend a wonderful vacation here. Try a typical Finnish sauna or take a husky led sleigh ride. Norway is an amazing country that is interesting to all tourists from near and far. You can visit Andenes, a fishing village to watch whales, as this place is very close to the ocean waters. You need to take a journey that is only one hour long from the shore to watch giant male whales, an opportunity that is unique for this part of the world. Norway offers a phenomenon consisting of amazing bird rocks, open sea and marshland, as well as jagged peaks.

Whether you prefer warm or cold places for vacation, all these holiday destinations offer the best possible experience you can take during your winter holiday.  All of them are unique enough to offer different adventures and entertainments where people with different preferences and tastes will definitely feel satisfied.