Best Mobility Aids to Assist the Elderly or Handicapped

When someone is handicapped or unable to get around on their own because they are elderly, it not only affects them physically, it also takes a large emotional toll on them. They must constantly ask others for help to do the simplest tasks, and often feel humiliated when they cannot stand up or tie their own shoes.

We must keep this in mind when dealing with the handicapped and elderly. They need our compassion as well as our physical help and how we react and tend to them makes a world of difference. We should also find ways for them to help themselves. In some cases this might not mean total independence, but might mean getting them started and then they can take over or our only taking on part of a task while they do the rest.

We can also provide them with tools to assist them in helping themselves. One particular area that can provide them great help, is if we can increase their mobility.  The great news is that there is wonderful technology out there today for this purpose. Here are a few things that can help the elderly and handicapped become more mobile and independent.

Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is a four or five wheel electric scooter used to ferry elderly or handicapped people. The seat of a mobility scooter is very comfortable, with a wide base, and it is operated by controls on the handle bars, or foot plate, or both. They are battery powered and run on a charge usually for hours. Each scooter holds one person and its top speed is only that of a fast walk.

A fold up mobility scooter is a smaller version of the typical mobility scooter that folds up and fits into the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV. These scooters are much lighter and have smaller batteries and since they can be easily transported they are great to use for going shopping, doctor’s visits, and to a park or function. Folding mobility scooters provide freedom to the handicapped and elderly in ways they could never enjoy previously.

A Stair Lift

Getting up the stairs can be a challenge for all of us when we are tired, imagine trying to climb them with a heart condition, bad knees or prosthetic legs. When a person with one of these or other conditions that affect his or her ability to get up and down stairs is faced with stairs, it is a nightmare scenario. Especially if those stairs are in their own home and their bedroom is on the second floor. Just the thought of climbing those stairs can cause them to despair and even lead to depression. Instead of continuously putting this person through anxiety,  consider putting in a stair lift.

A stair lift is a motorized chair that an elderly or handicapped person can sit in and be carried up or down a flight of stairs. The chair contains restraints so the person is strapped in and completely safe and can be operated at the touch of a button. Some even come with voice activation. Chair lifts have been around for decades, but the new models are quiet, smooth and have lots of additional features including one that lifts the person from a seated to a standing position when it reaches the bottom or top floor. These devices allow those who need it, to regain a bit of their independence and self-esteem.

If you know of someone who can use either of these life changing devices, do not hesitate to suggest to them that they try both. Their use can surely be a great benefit.