Axe Throwing Can Take Your Bachelor Party To The Next Level

Your best friend is getting married and you need to plan one last evening of freedom before he settles into domestic life. Of course there will be beer, cigars, and maybe even a dancer, but before you go carousing you may want to take a swing at a sport that will pump everyone up for the night. Axe throwing in Toronto has been making the news and it’s an increasingly popular option for those looking to add something different to their celebrations. What could hit your best bud’s evening off better than a little target practice with a hatchet and a few tall boys? Axe throwing is not a child-friendly sport, so this may be his last chance to learn how to throw an axe for many years to come. Besides, throwing axes at a wood target is a sure fire way to get everyone excited for the revelry to come.

Toronto axe throwing competitions have taken off in popularity and it’s no wonder once you hear the satisfying thud of your axe throw ending with a sharp bite into the wood. Since the first lumberjacks canoed into the pine forests, Canadians have known that axe throwing is the first step toward any great time. Just remember that the axe throwing party should come before you head for the nightclubs.


Axe Throwing is what your bachelor party needs

When you’re planning a bachelor party you are going to face a lot of wrangling over RSVPs and confirmations. Book everything in advance and remember to collect fees for all of the planned outings from axe throwing to the steak house. As best man, your biggest challenge will be running everything smoothly and coordinating everyone who should be there to wish your best friend well. Plan everything so that guests can drop in at different times without having to commit to the whole itinerary, as some may prefer to join in for the axe throwing and skip the drinking afterward.

Backyard axe throwing leagues have made axe throwing Toronto’s favourite new excursion, but luckily you don’t need to join a league to take part. There are plenty of options for booking private events axe throwing in Toronto designed to accommodate large groups. BATL is an axe throwing league that’s expanded with the sport’s popularity for bachelor parties and corporate events and they have three Toronto locations. If you want to keep the evening rolling after you’ve crowned a BATL axe throwing champion, their Port Lands warehouse is a quick cab ride from downtown. The original venue on Sterling Road keeps the west end within reach while their Yorkdale location means you can go axe throwing without leaving North York. All three locations allow BYOB as long as there is no hard liquor or glassware so stock up on tall boys and save the shots for the bar.

Every great party needs a way to kick things up a notch and a bachelor party with BATL in Toronto will get everyone’s adrenaline running. Not to mention, axe throwing will give everyone something to talk about besides the dancers when the bride asks about her groom’s big night out.