What Is Automated Animal Id?

The medicines we are getting today that can cure each and every disease is the result of the hard work of scientists working in the laboratories. These medicines are first tested on Rodents, and if they work well on them, then these medicines are made available to the public.

Rodents have always been the foremost option for testing the medicines. Hence they are kept in large number in the laboratories.

This research work requires a lot of Rodents. Because a single medicine is tested on some Rodents with different diseases. So, that’s why a single research requires some Rodents.
As the number of these Rodents increases, the problem of keeping their record becomes important. A careful record keeping is required for compiling the results of the researches and getting the valuable information.

Keeping a large number of Rodents and keeping their record have always been the most difficult job for scientists. The scientists should focus and concentrate more on their research work instead of worrying about the record keeping for getting valuable results.

But this problem is solved now. Thanks to animal identification. Now there is no need for the scientists to worry about this issue of record keeping. Thanks to the technology of barcode reading. This technology has now been used for giving each and every rodent a separate identity that can be recognized.

This system is named as ”automated animal id”. In this system, there is a barcode tag for every rodent that is placed on that rodent. These tags are of very lightweight so the rodents can carry them easily on their body.

These tags are mostly placed on their neck or ears. They are made of a thin piece of paper. This paper has a distinctive barcode that is recognized by the bar code reader. The best feature about them is that you don’t need to use bar code reader always because these tags also have distinctive colors on them so one can recognize them visually too. This color identifying system is known as the secondary identifying system.

Another good feature of automated animal id is that the bar code reader is connected to a computer. The Computer has a dedicated software for that purpose.
In that software, there is a whole cataloging system where the information and data for every rodent are kept. So, this system is a complete automation of Rodent based research record keeping.
Once you show the Rodent to the bar code reader, the reader will automatically identify the code of that particular Rodent and will open its whole information and data.

You can either check the data or edit it. So now you don’t have to memorize the information. Once the particular rodent is subjected to a specific medicine, one can enter that information in the data of that rodent, and you can also place reminders in that software that will remind you when you have to examine that particular rodent again.

Hence like every field, the computer has solved the problem of record keeping and automated this process completely with this new automated animal id system.