Are You Ready To Buy Your First Home?

Becoming a proud homeowner

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting and scary things you will ever do but having the title of homeowner is the most fulfilling. It is often proof that one has been able to properly plan and make judicious use of often minimal resources to attain a status guaranteed to provide a sense of stability and security as far as accommodations go. But between the birth of the vision of owning a house and actually buying one is a process that is often complex and consumes time and resources. There are several factors that need to be taken into careful consideration before house hunting, the avoidance of which is a formula for guaranteed disaster.

Three things to consider before making that move

1. Know what you want.

This is the first thing you should define before looking up listings. Tastes and needs differ and what one considers a necessary home requirement can be seen as utterly useless and unnecessary by another. You should know the kind of house you like and would want to own. Do you want a house or an apartment? Is your preferred style of the house Tudor, Victorian or ranch? How many bedrooms and bath? What size, big or small? What about the location? Do you want a home in the heart of town, in the suburbs or out in the country? All of these and many more are the kinds of questions one needs to know before making such a significant long term investment.

2. Count the cost.

Houses cost money. Whether it’s an apartment, a bungalow, a mansion or a mobile home, they all cost a pretty penny and you must ensure that you are financially up to the task of making the necessary payments. Buying a home is such a major financial move that it is vital to have your money affairs in order. A stable job, good credit score and a strong financial institution for a support system are some of the factors necessary for a smooth transaction. There are many payment options available when buying a house. These plans are designed to accommodate any financial level. It is often the case that sudden expenses arise in the process of purchase. Quick loans with short term maturation date can easily be accessed both at financial institutions and online, such as with

3. Hire good and experienced personnel.

There is nothing more valuable on the journey to becoming a homeowner than having an excellent Real Estate Agent and Home Inspector. A real estate agent with experience and integrity in the business will equip you with the necessary information needed to make the best choice in a home. They filter your search down to exactly the kind of properties you are looking for including your budget and desired location. Home inspectors come in to ascertain the quality and integrity of the property you are considering. They assess the house to ensure that the home systems and appliances are properly functional and there are no pest and rodent issues. Investing in these two will protect you from disappointments and potential legal issues.

Side note: Enjoy the process

Not everyone will be fortunate enough to buy more than one home so be present in every moment and at every stage. Enjoy it as much as you can. It makes for the creation of fond memories over the attainment of a piece of property that will be turned into a warm loving home for family and loved ones.


Buying a home is no small feat by any means. It requires so much thought and meticulous planning otherwise it can become a source of pain and regret on every level. But properly done, it is one of the most rewarding thing any man can accomplish for himself in his lifetime.