A Guide to Flexible Working from Shiftsmart

Flexible working goes hand in hand with the gig economy, with more and more workers looking for flexible, self-led shift options that allow them greater freedom over how, when, and sometimes even where they would like to work. There are benefits for both employers and workers when it comes to flexible working including better worker motivation and easier fulfilment of staffing needs for the business. Online apps allow businesses to find the most qualified workers and easily fill shifts while lowering costs at the same time. It allows workers to get paid easier and faster, take control of their time, and find more work that they are interested in. 

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How it Works:

While flexible working has become more and more commonplace in companies around the world today, platforms like Shiftsmart takes things one step further. It’s not just a way to find work but allows workers to build their income, boost their skills and expertise, and use their experience to become micro-entrepreneurs, working on their own time and making sure that their jobs suit them best. For companies, this allows them freedom from high labor costs, the low quality of traditional staffing solutions, and outdated systems. 

Finding Work:

This allows flexible workers to find work in a wide variety of industries. While this method for finding work has long been favored by the retail and hospitality industries that are often in need of temporary extra staff, workers can also find flexible shifts in contact centers, quality management, staffing agencies, real estate, events, warehousing, logistics, and healthcare. Depending on your experience and expertise, you may be able to find flexible work in more than one different industry, allowing you to enjoy more interesting and dynamic work compared to doing the same thing daily. 

Finding Workers:

These platforms match companies that need to flex their workforce to meet changing company needs to the most skilled and suitable workers. Freelancer apps are designed for modern workers and hiring managers to get in touch with one another and are currently used by thousands of qualified and experienced workers with profiles that list their credentials, work experience, and relevant performance to help you find the most suitable flexible workers for your business. You can also use these apps for onboarding, shift scheduling, communication with workers, and more. It also allows you to pay your flexible workers within 24 hours of their shifts. 


Flexible working has a lot of benefits for both employers and the flexible workers themselves. Companies can save costs by finding temporary, flexible workers to fill gaps in the workforce when needed, while workers have the option of finding shifts that are suitable for them and gaining experience working in different companies and perhaps even different industries. It is suitable for anybody to use whether you are already working and want to find additional flexible shifts on the side, or whether you want to become a freelance worker full-time. 

Today, flexible working is quickly becoming one of the most popular work options in the professional world. Get started today to transform your work life.