7 industrial accidents you can avoid with proper precautions

Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers and should be adhering to the proper health and safety regulations to reduce industrial accidents. In many cases, industrial accidents could be avoided if the proper security measures were taken. These are some of the most common industrial accidents and the actions which employers can take to try and minimise the risk to workers.


Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips and falls are relatively commonplace within the workplace, but these could often be avoided if the right precautions were taken. For instance, if people were more aware of obstructions they may be causing, if the environment is kept clean and tidy and signs or specialist safety barriers like these were introduced to help protect staff.

Repetitive strain

When you perform the same action over and over, it can cause repetitive strain and it could be caused by a simple action such as typing on the keyboard. If workers are allowed to take regular breaks or their routine is altered, it can reduce the risk of repetitive strain.

Vibration White Finger

Another common industrial injury is vibration white finger and this affects those who work with vibrating machinery. It can cause the hand to become numb or tingle and can also cause a lot of pain. This injury could be avoided if the right protection gear was provided, regular breaks were offered and that the machinery is of the highest possible quality.

Falling Objects

Falling objects are usually the result of inadequate safety barriers and can lead to a lot of pain if the object lands on workers. Staff may end up with head, neck or back pain as a result of this type of injury.

Chemical Burns 

Some workers are exposed to chemicals on a daily basis and this can lead to industrial injuries, such as burns, if the proper precautions are not taken. For instance, if proper protection equipment is not provided or adequate training has not been offered.


A risk for those who work with heavy machinery on a daily basis is deafness, which is an industrial injury which can obviously cause a lot of issues for the sufferer. This type of industrial injury could in fact be avoided if workers are furnished with the right protective gear, such as earplugs and the volume is regularly checked to ensure the level is within the acceptable for health and safety requirements.


Industrial accidents are not just those which cause physical damage, but also those which cause psychological issues. The different types of psychological injuries may include depression, stress or anxiety.

These could be avoided if employers took the proper precautions. For instance, ensuring that employees are not overworked and that they have adequate breaks throughout the day. Employers should also make sure that workers are using up their holidays throughout the year, rather than carrying them over to the next year. When workers are not taking enough time to rest, it can cause psychological injuries.