7 Best Channels For Teenage Girls

Many young girls with access to a strong Wi-Fi network love to spend their free time on the second- largest search engine on the internet. From space, music videos, fitness, to computer programming, all the way to dream analysis, YouTube bears the answers to today’s teen’s myriad of questions. There are also YouTube mp3 converters that help teens convert their favorite videos to mp3s.

If you are a teenage girl looking for the best channels on YouTube to check out, here is a list of them:

The brain scoop

Chief Curiosity Correspondent Emily Graslie hosts this channel, and it is a Chicago Field Museum channel that is all about natural and ancient history and gives comprehensive answers to all your earth science questions. If you are interested in the sciences and tech, this channel is for you.

Minute physics

If you have an interest in all things physics, like astrophysics, the study of the sun and gravity, this channel offers you an exciting source of information. These concepts can be incredibly difficult to fathom, but the episodes in this channel will simplify the concepts to make it fun and easy for you to understand and internalize.

Geek Gurl Diaries

This fantastic channel is hosted by Carrie Anne Philbin, an engineer specializing in software and computer engineering. She offers you a great variety of ‘How to’ videos on her vlog that will teach you how to code with various languages and even build a computer up from its components. You can also learn how to solder components on circuits and motherboards.


This is one of the most popular channels for learning absolutely anything in a ‘crash course,’ from ancient history to the cold war and the reproductive system. This fun channel has new videos every week that give you access to knowledge on various subjects.

Fitness blender

If you would like to incorporate some simple but helpful exercises into your routine, then Fitness blender is your best bet. There are dozens of useful videos that can help you tone up at whatever fitness level you are at. Simply combine a few of their ten-thirty minute exercise videos for a great workout every day.

All things fabulous 101

Looking for a great fashion, beauty and makeup channel? All things fabulous 101 is run by Asia, a fashion enthusiast who will help you find your inner ‘fab.’ Her vlog is all about fashion, makeup, and beauty, and hosts plenty of ideas to inspire you.

Lizzie Velasquez

In today’s era of cyberbullying and body shaming, you may need a YouTube channel that reminds you that there is more to everyone you meet and that it is wrong to judge a book by its cover. Lizzie Vasquez knows that all too well, having been labeled the world’s ‘Ugliest Woman.’ In her vlog, she actively advises against bullying and uses her vlog to give her millions of followers insights into her life.


YouTube is a vast area that can provide you with an avenue to channel your energy and get plenty of valuable information about all the fields you care about. You can also start your own channel and offer your unique insights on the area you are passionate about.