5 Tips to Maximize Space in your Condo

Condo living can be a mixed blessing, in a sense of security and variety of amenities facilities, and on the other spectrum space inside your condo is smaller in comparison to a stand-alone house.  In an urban city, when you are looking to acquire a new property without too much hassle, condos are the way to go. For instance if you are moving to Toronto or you are interested in investing in property there, you can check out more on Artistry condos and other condos. Condos are simpler to invest in than single-family homes. In condos the indoor space is limited and starts getting smaller as housemates increase or your interest or hobby increases. We bring to you five tips to manage and maximize space in your condo.


Right placement and vision

First on the list is getting a good layout vision of your condo and creating a floor plan that sections off the space according to your needs. Painting the wall light color with a natural reflection can be an option for this as the vertical view impacts the horizontal view equally. Hanging a gallery wall of paintings and other pieces as high as possible can give the illusion of a tall vertical ceiling and increase the area horizontally. Walls can be a valuable real estate in your home. Using your walls for practical purposes — hang a bicycle, hang your folding chairs, even hang a fold-down table or desk can be an option. Mirrors can be a good source of natural enhancement for space and light. A large mirror strategically placed across from a window will reflect natural light throughout the entire space. If you have a beautiful view outside, a large mirror will allow the view to be seen from different angles in the room.



Decluttering goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your home space. The clutter in our physical spaces can have adverse effects on our mental health. The process of decluttering can stress most people but there are several ways one can tackle this. One way is by dividing your room into smaller areas. This makes the organization process less overwhelming and creates a very logical way to sort through your items. Start by getting rid of all of the things you obviously don’t need. This includes items like old magazines and newspapers, clothes you no longer wear, or excessive items that you don’t use. Get a trash bag and fill it, or you can donate it. It’s a lot easier to declutter when you have a visual representation. You can use a decluttering checklist. The benefits of decluttering are lesser areas to clean, lesser things to organize, and it saves time.

Multipurpose rooms

With little space-planning and a little creativity, you can pack a ton of function into the tiniest of spaces. Our spaces need to be as flexible and as varied as we are. For these, the very first step of the multi-functional room is to utilize multi-functional furnishings. For example, a sofa that can be folded out into a bed by night can be a great way to accommodate overnight guests when you don’t have a spare bedroom. There is an incredible amount of space hiding in your home, the addition of a simple L-shaped corner desk or corner table unit can instantly multiply a room’s storage space by freeing up your floors for other functional uses. A fold-down table or desk can turn into an office when you are working from home. When it comes to multi-functional rooms it’s about setting your space according to how you’ll actually use it. A library turns into an office, an entertainment room into a guest room, and storage into kids’ rooms.


Optimizing accessibility and labeling

If something is out of sight, it’s out of mind, so keep your most frequently used items in zones matching your peripheral vision. Storing items that you use daily towards the front of your space and more towards eye level can help you organize and reduce the unnecessary space occupied. Items used less frequently can be stored higher up or towards the back of your space. Adding bars, hooks, or small storage caddies to the inside of cupboard doors or along the narrow sidewalls in closets can also optimize your space usage. The more often you use an item, the easier it should be to access. Here a good use of this point can be in your kitchen. Proper organization and labeling the items can help the next person. Labels are particularly useful when you have multiple people using the same area.

Personal choice and results

If your space is starting to get cluttered and the space is quickly closing up, take some time to evaluate what the problems are. Go through all the above routines. Once you’ve figured out what the problems are, you can do a little tweaking to get things back on board. Sometimes it’s the personal choice that clutters up the space, for example the size of the new television or the placement, the size and shape of your new sofa. One piece of advice here is always to think about the space before buying something big. Be discerning about the purchase according to your needs.

Condos are a good piece of property to own and invest in. Living in them can be congested due to limited space. However the five tips explained above can help you free up space and make living in condos hassle free.